Desires 10

All things must end… Or do they? The Queen of the Succubi has her hopes…

Desires – Beach Oasis
By MacroLass and Tera S
Part Ten

She felt the Mistress’ power flow over her. Far from resisting, she welcomed it, knowing that the more she obeyed the closer she would become to Tera’s perfect lover….

Her eyelids drooped. “Every lick…every taste…makes me…more sleepy….”, she replied drowsily.

“No…fear…no….worries….safe and secure…..”, she echoed as her devotions became softer and more langorous.

“…rest…listen…”, she finished in a childlike voice as she nestled her face against the demon’s pussy.


Tera watched with a smile as Miliani faded into trance. She very softly whispered, “Miliani… Please sit up for me….” After Miliani was sitting upright on the beach towel, Tera slipped in behind her. She rose up on her knees and gently leaned against her body as she spoke, “Miliani… Listen to me… Listen and remember every word… Every command my love…You are going to fade away into a blissful sleep in a moment and Flexi is going to return to me… But there is nothing to fear… Nothing to worry about… You will be safe within her… Watching over her and giving her pleasure when it is safe to do so in her dreams…”

Tera moved Miliani’s hair to the side and kissed the nape of her neck gently, “Someday I know that you and she will be together so that she can have happiness in her life… And perhaps someday you will see me out again… I will be hoping for that day…”

Tera stroked her fingers through Miliani’s hair and whispered, “Sleep and fade away Miliani…. Let Flexi return… Let her take control again as she must….”

As the transformation began Tera continued, “Flexi…. Just relax for a moment… Let your clothing return to envelope you again…. Just remain calm and relaxed here for a moment…. There is nothing wrong… Look into your mind and let the memories that Miliani has wash over you like a wonderful daydream… All is fine…. Just relax and enjoy it….”
“Nothing…to worry about,” the islander echoed, the smile of pride still broad on her lips at Mistress’ approval. She closed her eyes and let her mind sink into Flexi’s, awaiting the next time she was called…

As the heroine’s psyche returned to the fore, the physical changes began to reverse themselves as well. She began to grow taller and more voluptuous, hair lightening to a honey blonde. As her black irised eyes once again turned blue and her clothing reappeared, she blinked and looked back at Tera. “Wow…sorry…I must’ve zoned out for a sec.”

She smiled, feeling a bit embarrassed about her vivid fantasy but otherwise unconcerned.


Tera laughed softly and gently brushed Flexi’s hair, “Too much heat for you I think my dear…”

Tera was clothed once more in her bikini and helped Flexi to her feet. Tera’s tail pointed down the beach and a moment later the portal shimmered into being again, the green of it swirling around and around.

She held Flexi close to her as they walked towards the portal. Her tail wrapped around Flexi’s waist gently. As they approached the portal, Tera turned to her and said, “It’s a shame that you couldn’t stay longer Flexi… It would have been so nice to get to know you better… But you have a future to see and it won’t wait forever for you… Perhaps I will see you again someday… Somehow…”

Tera reaced a hand to Flexi’s cheek and then kissed her softly on the lips. She held the kiss for a time and then broke it slowly. She slipped her hands from Flexi’s body almost regretfully. The last thing to move away was her tail as it caressed her waist before moving away from her…


Next time everything is explained… mostly…




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    • avatar
    • James on December 27, 2011 at 10:31 am

    Hot and sweet and touching all of a piece. You have such a gift for storytelling . . .

    • avatar
    • TeraS on January 17, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    I did once… I hope to again…


    • avatar
    • James on January 17, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    You always do . . . sometimes it just plays a bit of hide and seek . . .

    • avatar
    • TeraS on February 29, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    There must be a story of Succubi Hide and Go Seek somewhere…


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