Dec 23 2011

So, as the Lost Girl is now under pressure… Does she like Queen?

The thirteenth episode of Lost Girl season two aired this week, and as a mid-season cliff hanger it was better than I expected it to be, though some of the promises in the trailer for it didn’t happen as they said they would… Still there is a lot of promising things in it and I have high hopes for the second half of the season to come…

Episode twenty-six, and the season two mid-season finale episode of the Lost Girl TV series, was this week. Bo discovers a lot of things she thought she knew, she didn’t. Trick discovers why some illegal drugs are illegal in the first place, Kenzi makes a life changing decision, and Lochlyn gets to try out a buffet of right-hand burritos and stiletto boot tacos…

This is the thirteenth review of the second season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo discovers that you should never mix, under any circumstances…

Barometz. Trick. Pressure.

The episode begins with Lauren (Zoie Palmer) at Bo’s place borrowing Bo’s (Anna Silk) car. Lauren wants it in order to travel away from the city with Nadia (Athena Karkanis) for a while. Bo tries to give Lauren some helpful advice about the car, including that it uses a lot of gas, making both of them somewhat uncomfortable with the situation. Lauren has second thoughts about borrowing the car, but Bo insists and Lauren eventually does take the keys. Nadia then comes into the room, and asks if Lauren is ready to leave. Bo tells Lauren to call her if she needs anything, but Lauren tells her that she will not be calling Bo while they are away, and she doesn’t want Bo calling her either. When Bo expresses the fear that Lauren isn’t coming back, Lauren tells Bo that she has to. She has Bo’s car. Lauren then also tells Bo that she has recommitted herself to the Ash (Vincent Walsh) because, as far as she knows, the Ash was the one that saved Nadia. Bo cannot believe that Lauren did so, but does not reveal the truth, that she was the one that released Nadia from her curse in the last episode Masks. Lauren then leaves with Nadia, leaving Bo behind.

Elsewhere, what appears to be a married couple is talking in their kitchen. The husband (Richard Willis) complaining about working a double shift and also complaining about various other parts of his life working at the Royal Celtic Museum as his wife watches him from behind. His complaints grow and become more directed at his wife until she picks up a frying pan and hits him over the head with it. Knocking him unconscious. Moments after that happens, his wife’s body shimmers and then shifts into a copy of the husband’s form.

Returning from the opening credits, we return to Bo’s place to see Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) reading a text message on her phone, when Bo walks into the room. Kenzi asks Bo what they will be doing today, and Bo casually mentions that she was going to see Trick (Richard Howland), but instead wants to figure out a way into the Ash’s compound so that she can “force feed Lochlyn a buffet of right-hand burritos and stiletto boot tacos.” When Kenzi says that sounds delicious, Bo smiles and adds “and the sun is shining.” Kenzi asks Bo why she wants to go and start a war, and Bo reveals to her that he tricked Lauren into recommitting herself to the Light Fae. When Kenzi asks how me managed that, Bo stumbles over herself trying to tell, but not tell Kenzi what happened and finally gives up trying to explain. Bo then tells Kenzi that one day she will stop being so naive and when that happens she will: “sleep in.” Kenzi tries to comfort Bo, and at the same time send a text on her phone. Bo grabs the phone from her and reads out some of the texts, which are from Nate (Aaron Ashmore) which embarrasses Kenzi to no end. Bo tells Kenzi that she loves Nate, to which Kenzi tries to deny, and then Bo suggests that Kenzi got “lucky”, Kenzi is incensed and denies anything happened. Bo then tells Kenzi that she’ll go solo today and that Kenzi should get with her boyfriend as she leaves, Kenzi frustrated over Bo’s cavalier attitude over what is happening.

Meanwhile, at Dyson’s (Kristen Holden-Ried) apartment, he and Ciara (Lina Roessler) are packing up their belongings to move to their new home. Dyson reminds Ciara that he needs to do something from Trick, and she questions why he spends so much of his time running errands for a bartender. Dyson’s answer is that she hasn’t seen his bar tab. Ciara finds a T-shirt which reads “10th Annual Metro Police Darts Tournament – Take You Best Shot” and also has a drawing of Hale (K.C. Collins) on it. She makes fun of it, and Dyson tells her that it is his favourite shirt. Her answer is that the shirt will not be coming to their new home. Dyson tells her, with a smile, that if the shirt doesn’t come, then he isn’t coming either which results in a mock fight between them for a moment before Ciara dumps the shirt into a trash can and Dyson tells Ciara that she’s in trouble now.

Bo arrives at the Dal Riata and finds Trick studying some books very carefully. She asks him if the Ash should die, would there be another Stag Hunt as in the episode I Fought the Fae (And the Fae Won) or would Hale become the new Ash. When he asks Bo if this is just a hypothetical question, she tells him what the Ash has done, that Lauren has recommitted herself to the Light Fae and that she feels like she was used and lied to. Trick tells Bo that he would like to help her, but he has problems of his own to deal with at the moment. Trick explains that the Blood Moon will rise that evening and during this event occurs every twenty years or so, he can go into a trance and divine the future. He also explains to Bo that the trance can be dangerous to him personally as when he is in the trance, but not if he possesses one particular ring called the Kingmoor ring. It possesses the powers of the material it was made from and the one he needs will stanch the bleeding that comes as a result of the method of entering the trance. Trick asks Bo to put her issues with the Ash aside for the moment and help him obtain the ring. Bo agrees to help and Trick tells her that the ring is normally kept at the Royal Celtic Museum, but she doesn’t need to go there and steal it as Trick hired someone to do that already for him, a shifter named Teague (Phil Nessel), but Trick has been double-crossed by him. Trick doesn’t have the time to negotiate with Teague, nor can he afford the time to confront him as he has to see someone he calls an “old friend” about a hallucinogen he needs to enter the trance. Trick explains that the drug, called Barometz is a plant that is also part sheep. You grind the bones and boil the blood and then inhale the fumes from the resulting potion which then will place Trick into the trance. However, the side effect of the Barometz is severe bleeding and thus Trick’s need for the Kingmoor ring. Trick stresses that the trance is their last chance to find out what the Great Evil is and he must do this to find out what they are all facing. Dyson and Hale then arrive to accompany Trick to his old friend. Trick gives Bo the payment that had been agreed upon by Teague, which is two gold bars, and asks her to convince Teague to accept the payment with her powers and Bo agrees to do so. She then leaves with the payment and goes to meet Teague in a hotel somewhere in the city. Bo arrives at the room where Teague is and discovers the door is open. She enters the room and Teague watches her from behind a slatted door. After Bo places the payment on a table, Teague enters the room, his form shifted into a copy of Bo herself, but wearing men’s clothing, and holding a gun on Bo.

After a commercial break, Bo and the shifter Teague are sitting at a table together. Teague, still in Bo’s form seems to be unstable and rants about all of the people that have made their fortunes on his work, but he has almost nothing to speak for it himself. He also tells Bo that he has been so many people that he can’t remember what he looks like anymore. He also tells Bo that now he plans to use Bo’s form to steal as much as he can from Trick after he gets rid of her. As this continues, Bo slowly removes one of her boots and eventually manages to touch Teague’s skin with one of her toes. This allows Bo to calm him down to the point where he is no longer a threat, and then he shifts back into what appears to be his true form. Bo then takes the Kingmoor ring from him and leaves Trick’s payment behind as she leaves.

Elsewhere in the city, Dyson, Hale and Trick enter what appears to be the store of an elderly Chinese woman. She seems to be confused, if not slightly deranged at first and greets Trick as “Fitzie”. Trick calls her Wai Lin (Kyra Harper) in reply. She tells of a time in the past where apparently, she and Trick made love under the eyes of the Terra Cotta army in China. She asks Dyson and Hale if they have come to raid her, and Hale makes a flippant comment about wanting to buy a Mogwai in reply. Wai Lin then makes a motion with her hand and Hale tells her that they are there for the Barometz that Trick needs. Trick then explains that Wai Lin is a Luduan and has the power to force others to tell the truth. Trick then warns Wai Lin to put the shotgun she has away and to behave herself or he will have Dyson and Hale destroy her. She does so and then tells Trick that the price for the Barometz will be Trick answering four questions truthfully. After a pause, Trick agrees to her terms.

Kenzi is still at Bo’s place, and then Nate walks in. He produces a guitar and then begins to sing a song to Kenzi which turns out to be a song that she wrote when she was six and that Nate had kept along with some old notebooks he had. Kenzi is embarrassed by this revelation, tells Nate that she is worried about Bo and thinks that: “this is not the time to finish the Ponies are Awesome song.” But Nate presses on and adds that he thinks Kenzi is pretty.

Wai Lin starts to ask her questions of Trick, the first being: “1419. We were onboard a Song Dynasty Jucket heading to the Americas. You were carrying a box. You were very protective over it. What was inside that box?” Trick warns her that he cannot tell her what it was just like he couldn’t tell her in the past, but Wai Lin angrily insists that he tell her or she will force the truth from him. But then she adds that since Trick is the Blood King, he might be immune to her powers. Hale laughs at this revelation, but when he sees the serious look on Dyson, Hale is shocked by the news. Trick answers: “In the box was the skull of a very dangerous man. I will not say who or where it was buried. And if you try to force me to tell you, I will give Dyson permission to use whatever force is necessary to make sure those fingernails make their last clack.” Wai Lin’s second question is: “Your wife. She died. How?” Trick answers: “She was killed. During the Great Fae War. Her throat was slit in battle.” Trick then demands the Barometz and Wai Lin removes a vial of it from a small safe on her desk. She then asks Trick a final question: “Since you wouldn’t give me the truth about the box, was it your fault that your wife died?” Trick tells her that: “If I had opened my veins, to write the laws that brought us peace. Maybe she would still be alive. Still be with me. But I didn’t. If that means it is my fault, then so be it.” Trick then takes the Barometz from her and leaves, Hale following him and Dyson remaining in the room for a moment. Before he can leave, Wai Lin flirts with him but Dyson tells her that he is spoken for. She asks him if he loves her, and when he does not answer she uses her power on Dyson and forces from him the words: “I can’t love Ciara.” Then he leaves.

Trick returns to the Dal with Dyson and Hale to make preparations for his trance, and Bo returns carrying the Kingmoor ring and gives it to Trick. In a round-about way Bo asks Trick if it is a good idea for him to go under the trance with the threat of bleeding for “someone like you.” Hale stops them and asks if Bo knows as well, and when Trick nods, Hale is shocked at that revelation. Trick explains that he is the only one that can manipulate the visions he will see to find out what he needs to know. Bo then talks to Dyson, asking him if he is okay, and he tells her that he is. Bo tells Trick to have fun in the future and then starts to leave, but Trick stops her and asks that she leave Lochlyn alone. Trick warns her that they do not want to alienate their most powerful ally. Hale tells Bo that the Ash’s compound is locked down and that they are also legally bound to warn the Ash about threats on his life. Bo asks if anything would change if Lochlyn was the evil thing coming their way, but Trick’s answer is only that they will know soon enough. Trick tells Bo again that there is too much at stake and that she must: “stand down.” Bo tells him that she will “leave it alone.” As Trick continues to make his final preparations, Bo asks if she can borrow some light reading and Trick agrees. As Bo looks through some books and picks one, Dyson picks up a small scroll and looks at it, revealing that it is a map of the Ash’s compound. Bo starts to leave, but Dyson stops her and takes the book she chose, replacing it with the map and says: “Happy Hunting.” Bo thank him and kisses him on the cheek before leaving the room.

Back from commercial again, Kenzi is playing drums as Nate plays the guitar. Nate tries to get intimate with Kenzi, and she warns him that: “I have a Ninja sword.” They kiss and then Nate reveals to her that he is leaving tomorrow, which upsets Kenzi until Nate explains that he wants her to come with him while he is on tour away from the city. Kenzi shares a long kiss with him and then tells him that she will leave with him as the two of them move towards Kenzi’s bedroom.

Trick is strapped into a chair by Dyson and Hale. He tells them that no matter what happens in the trance they are not to interfere, but at thirty minutes into the trance they are to pull him out no matter what as a few seconds longer than that could be fatal. When Dyson asks how to wake him, Trick’s answer is: “You’ll think of something.” They connect various pieces of equipment around Trick including a gas mask that they place on him. A device is activated and then the vapours from the Barometz flow into the mask, Trick lets out a scream, and then passes into trance. Trick finds himself in a drive-in movie theatre parking lot in the dark, a movie playing on the screen behind him of Trick walking on a beach somewhere. Whatever Trick does seems to be repeated on the movie screen as he looks around the place. A woman’s voice calls out to him, saying that she has been waiting a long time and when Trick turns around, a woman is standing there draped in a long cloak and wearing what appears to be celtic armour beneath it. She lowers her hood and Trick recognizes her as his long dead wife (Alisen Down) and embraces her.

Bo in the meantime, has used the map Dyson gave her to bypass the Ash’s security and then fools the fire detectors in the build making all of the security rush away to deal with the perceived threat. Under this cover, she makes her way to the Ash’s chambers, enters them, and then begins to look over the papers and other items on his desk. She then sees the chest that the Ash keeps near his desk, first seen in the episode Original Skin and after smashing the lock, opens it. She removes the items from the chest and then opens the chamber that contains the severed head of the Ash. Bo then removes the partition above it to reveal a total of four identical severed Lochlyn heads. As she does so, Lochlyn appears behind her, says “Hello Darling.” and then attacks Bo.

Returning from commercial once more, Trick still embraces his wife. Trick cannot believe that she is there, and she tells him that it is real. That she has been watching him since the day she died, waiting for the right moment to reveal herself to him. She tells him that she knows what he has been seeking, that she has seen: “what is coming for you.” She explains that there was a great evil feeding on the Fae during the Great War. “It feasts on our aggression, our rage. When you spilt your blood to bring an ending to the war, you starved this evil. Now it is coming to kill you.” Trick tries to explain that he ended the war because the world depended on him doing so. She then tells Trick that it was a mistake for him to end the war, that he interrupted what she calls: “our true destiny. You created peace but it is not real.” She explains that there is still much infighting among the clans of the Fae and that the war would have righted itself without his help as a natural piece was coming according to her. She tells him that he can still undo what he did, to unwrite the laws that Trick wrote in his blood. She then tempts him with the promise that if Trick does so, then the Great Evil will return her to him. She then hands Trick an old style shaving blade to cut himself with and also a feather to use as a quill to write with. Elsewhere in the drive-in’s parking lot, a shadowy figure sits inside an old car watching the drama play out on both the movie screen and with Trick and his wife in the parking lot, eating popcorn as he does so.

Bo at that moment is being held down by Lochlyn and he opens his mouth to reveal jagged teeth and growls at Bo. She head butts him, freeing herself and then the two face each other. He tells Bo that he was on the fence about her and wasn’t sure that she was going to be the one to take his head. Lochlyn takes two swords from their place in the room and tosses one to Bo, taunting her as he does so. Bo comments that she is sure that he would figure out a way to take credit of that happening as well. He ignores that comment and continues to taunt Bo, telling her that she is exactly like her mother Aife in that they both have tried to kill the Ash and adding: “Bo and Aife, two Dark Fae sluts.” Bo then attacks him and they battle each other, the Ash seeming to toy with Bo as it rages on. Trick in the meantime, is on his knees, his wife standing over him, she encouraging him to cut himself with the blade. Lochlyn and Bo continue their fight, the goading from him pushing Bo further and further into a rage. Bo forces Lochlyn from his chambers and into a dining room where they both climb on top of it and fight on. He comments: “The dark suits you.” Bo’s answer is: “I’ve never looked good in pastels, it’s a skin tone thing.” He chastises her on not being able to control her emotions, and Bo tells him that: “hell hath no fury like a woman totally screwed over.” The battle rages on, neither side seeming to get the upper hand for long. Bo asks him if he is trying to goad her, and he answers: “No, but if I was, how am I doing so far?” Bo’s answer is: “On a scale of one to ten? Not bad.”

Back in the trance, the figure in the car continues to watch Trick and his wife as Trick cuts into his hand with the blade. Back in the real world, the same cut appears on Trick’s hand as she thrashes around in his restraints. Dyson sees this and goes to help, but the ring Trick wears glows and the cut reseals itself. In the trance, Trick sees that his wife is looking towards the car in the parking lot and realizes that something is wrong. He says that his wife would never ask him to do what he has been asked to do. His wife attempts to convince Trick that nothing is wrong and that he is doing the right thing, but Trick refuses to believe her. When he asks who she is really, she screams loudly and then vanishes into nothingness, leaving Trick alone in the parking lot with the man in the car watching him. The man in the car then screams like a wild animal, sounding a lot like Godzilla, which makes the windows in the car explode from the sound. He gets out of the car and then approaches Trick, the movie on the screen changing to a scene of dark clouds, lightning and thunder in the air.

Bo and Lochlyn continue to battle their way through the Ash’s compound, Bo getting in a punch to Lochlyn’s face to which he encourages her to: “show your true face.” At one point in the battle, Lochlyn gets the upper hand and asks Bo who sent her to kill him, and that they sent the wrong little girl to do so before running away from Bo. Bo confronts him again and tells him that she did not come here to kill him, but to have him tell her the truth. He laughs and asks her which truth she means: “The truth of the dark feelings you keep bottled up inside?” Bo then tells Lochlyn: “The truth of whatever the Nain Rouge keeps telling me about. That it is already here. Because it’s you.” Hearing this, Lochlyn drops his weapon to his side. Bo makes to attack him and then stops before giving the killing blow. Lochlyn asks: “The Nain Rouge?” and Bo confirms this fact. Then Lochlyn drops his sword and then kneels on the ground in front of Bo. He tells her: “If you feel so strongly about it, then take my life. Claim your vengeance. I’m right here.” And then yells: “Do it!” Bo begins to make the killing blow again, but stops herself. She then tells him: “Like I said. I am not in the killing business.” before kicking Lochlyn between the legs, dropping him to the floor with the words: “But I don’t mind a little justice from time to time.” She turns away and Lochlyn stands up telling her that: “I think you and I need to have a little chat.”

Again, back from commercial, and Trick still waits for the man in the car to approach him. Trick asks who he is, how he can manipulate Trick’s visions as Trick is the Blood King. The answer is a derisive laugh and the words: “The Blood King is no match for Garuda.” Trick does not believe in what he has been told, saying that the Garuda became extinct a millennia before the Fae came to be. The answer is: “Garuda extinct? No one told me.” and the appearance of a pair of flaming bat-like wings behind Garuda (Raoul Trujillo) as he approaches Trick, which then vanish into thin air. He tells Trick that just as Far feed on humans, Garuda feed on Fae: “Their rage and hatred. You ended our feasting with your filthy blood. We will drink you dead.” Trick defies him saying that he stopped them once and he can do it again, even if it means spilling his blood again. The Garuda laughs at this and tells Trick that he already did: “We smell Blood King’s blood. When the Great Fae War was ended and we starved and waited hoping to smell it again to exact revenge.” Trick then realizes what he has done in the trance and fear crosses his face. The Garuda continues: “Then, there is was, like a wish blown across a dandelion field, barely nothing, but just enough, like a whisper in a storm. Trick has a flashback at that moment to the events in the first season finale Blood Lines remembering when he spilt his blood to change Aife and save Bo. The Garuda then takes Trick’s hand and licks the blood from it, declaring to the world around them in the next moment that Trick is at the Dal Riata, the roar from Garuda overpowering all else. In the real world, Trick screams in pain and thrashes in his bounds once more.

Lochlyn leads Bo back to his chambers and then tells her that in spite of what she might believe, he is one of the “good guys in all of this.” When Bo confronts him with all that he has done so far, his answer is that he was testing her. He tells Bo that he had to use Lauren to get under her skin and claims that: “It wasn’t easy for me either.” Bo asks Lochlyn what he is, and he tells her that he is what is left of the Nāga. Bo asks if that is a Fae boy band, but Lochlyn continues to explain that the heads Bo found in the box were Lochlyn’s brothers, that over time they were taken away from him, cut off from Lochlyn’s own shoulders by: “villagers, mystics and greater evils.” Bo asks why, and she is told that it was done for his venom. Lochlyn explains that his venom is the only way to kill what he calls the most destructive presence the Fae have ever known, The Garuda. Bo tries to lighten the scene by asking: “I don’t suppose that is a smoked cheese?” Lochlyn tells her that it is the thing that is headed their way at that moment. It is the evil that the Nain Rouge spoke about, the evil that Lochlyn has been: “fighting for centuries upon centuries.” Bo is shocked by this revelation and asks why Lochlyn didn’t just tell her what was going on. His answer is that “I had to be sure this time.” When Bo asks him what he means by that, she is told: “The Garuda feeds off our anger and violence. I needed to be sure that unlike your mother you can control that anger. Not to be led by your emotions, not to be vengeful and intent on blood.” Bo asks why her, and the answer to that is: “Because of your abilities. They come from lust, passion, not aggression, not hatred. In order to defeat the Garuda you must be able to attack without attacking. Like it or not succubus, you are perfect. The time has come Bo. This is our last chance.” Bo asks what that last chance is and the reply is: “I need you to lead the Fae in battle against its greatest enemy. And take this bastard down once and for all.” Bo cannot believe what she is being told, and Lochlyn adds: “Will you be my champion?” But Bo does not answer his question at that moment.

Trick is still thrashing around in his bonds, Dyson and Hale watching the clock counting down the seconds until they can free Trick from the machine he is attached to. Dyson tries to pull the gas mask off Trick, but it will not be removed and he cannot understand why that is happening. Dyson then pulls the end of the hose away from the machine, sending the gas from within it flooding into the room. Hale tries to drag Dyson away from the gas, but Dyson continues to pull at the mask until it comes free, sending both Dyson and Hale across the room crashing into a table and other items before falling to the floor.

The last scenes of the episode begin with Ciara still packing things in Dyson’s apartment. She seals one box and then crosses the room to pick out of the trash can the shirt she threw away earlier in the episode, placing it in a box to be taken to their new home. The scene at the Dal Riata shows Dyson, Hale and Trick unconscious. There is the sound of some kind of creature moving around the room which we see from its point of view. It approaches Trick and he awakes in shock before the scene switches to Bo’s place, Kenzi reading a message on her phone and smiling. Bo enters and Kenzi tries to tell her excitedly that she and Nate have been together in bed, and that he has asked her to go away with her. Bo seems to be in shock, still trying to process all that Lochlyn has told her and doesn’t seem to comprehend what Kenzi is trying to tell her. When Kenzi asks Bo if she should go on tour with Nate, Bo tells her that she should which makes Kenzi very happy and excited as she runs off. As Kenzi does so, the last image of the episode is Bo watching her run off and she says: “And I am going to get up early tomorrow and save the world.”


Fade to black…

Two really good episodes in a row. That makes me very happy really and I can hope that this continues for the rest of the season. As a season finale, which this definitely would have been if not for the additional order of episodes for this season, it does everything you would expect as one.

However, two finales in a row with Trick on the edge of death from bleeding or, as in this episode, being attacked and might be killed? I think he’s suffered enough by now that someone else can take the pain for a while. I understand that Trick has to pay his dues for what he did at the end of last season, that is his curse for using his powers, but going from what was really a minor incident in the grand scheme of things to the destruction of the Fae? The scales of justice might be ever so slightly unbalanced on this one…

Best moments: Bo describing how she will “force feed Lochlyn a buffet of right-hand burritos and stiletto boot tacos.” Bo asking Lochlyn if he is trying to goad her, and he answers: “No, but if I was, how am I doing so far?” Bo’s answer of “On a scale of one to ten? Not bad.” I found hilariously funny… And I have to also admit to a bit of pleasure when Bo kicked Lochlyn between his legs… Yes I might have been slightly vindictively pleased when that happened, but still…

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… Lots to like this week… More character development, more good lines, more focus in her. All adding up to lots of possible paths for her to take in the future in the series.

Dyson… Only in the episode a little bit, but the one scene that matters, the one where he admits that he can’t love Ciara was hopeful for those fans that want to see Bo and Dyson back as a couple.. or less so for those that want Bo and Lauren together.

Kenzi… Again, just perfect. Well save for the Pony Song scene… Well acted, believable, and as always when Kenzi is on the screen you pay attention to her.

Lauren. Only there for two minutes, but an important two minutes. Otherwise, nothing much to say about her…

Trick. It was nice to have a mostly Trick centered episode that opened a lot of doors into the character… I thought the acting was tremendous and there was so much we learned this week.

Hale. Other than the shock of learning that Trick was the Blood King and getting run over by Dyson to save, or try to save, Trick, not much seen of our Siren this week.

The Ash. Big reveal, more than I expected really… Does it make me like him? Not really… I have the oddest feeling that there is something he hasn’t said as he seems to be… two-faced at times?

Ciara. Two thirty second scenes and nothing more to be said.

Nate… Honestly, still don’t care about him, don’t want to see him return, wouldn’t care, and probably won’t care what happens to him in the series from here on out…

Nadia. One line, eight seconds on screen and goodbye with Lauren.

Trick’s Wife. Would have liked to know her name, but that would probably reveal too much about Trick so we didn’t learn that… this time at least. Liked the actress in the role and there was some chemistry between her and Trick… Would it be too much to ask to see her again?

Teague. Well, we really only saw this character pretending to be Bo… I thought that the “insane Fae” angle has been overdone and I thought that Anna freaking out all of the time was a bit much…

Wendell. Forgettable.

The Garuda. Okay, this is what someone that is evil should act and look like. I liked the way he seemed to be toying with Trick more than anything else. I also liked the understated power that he seems to have, which adds to the evil that he represents… I look forwards to seeing where this character goes during the rest of the season to come…

Wai Lin. Perhaps played ever so slightly over the top, though I thought that the power she possesses and more importantly, the relationship she has with Trick would be an interesting thing to return to… If for no other reason than for her to ask what I think is one more question that Trick owes her.

So we have new characters that should return, one that has to no matter what, and a lot of relationship development for a few of them… All good things and we should get more of that in the future…

My rating of Barometz. Trick. Pressure.

Keeping my interest – 5 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 4 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 5 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 5 Pitchforks

Mythos – 5 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 4.6 Pitchforks out of 5

This was, I think, the best episode of the entire season to date. It answered a lot of questions, solved a few plot arcs, and pointed the series in a direction that, if they keep with it, can easily fill the rest of the series. I don’t expect to see a lot of filler episodes in the second half of this season, or at least I hope there isn’t as there is a lot to figure out by the end of it.

Bo the God killer? Almost seems like she is going to be that by the end of the series. Question then becomes, if, and when, she kills Garuda, and we all know that will happen eventually, what happens to Bo then?

Queen Bo? I suppose that’s not out of the realm of possibility if she saves the universe. I would be happy if that happens she gets a decent wardrobe as a result… but that’s just me probably…

I really watched every moment of this episode, save for the ponies song moment which I thought was a waste of time honestly. We learned a lot about Trick, the threat to the Fae, and what Bo’s role in the future seems to be. But I have some problems with what she was told and how the Naga and the Garuda are being portrayed… I have the feeling that something is being hidden from Bo and that will come to change things later in the season… Bo said a long time ago that no Fae seems to be able to tell the truth… She should keep that in mind.

Bo showed some of her Succubus powers again, at little as it was. I’m not sure that what she did to the shifter was sexual in nature though. If by using her powers on him, Bo made him shift back to his true form, then that’s not something that normal Succubi should be able to do I think. The fight scene was neat, but I still think that Succubi shouldn’t need swords and other weapons to fight all of the time… Perhaps Lochlyn’s comment about attacking without attacking will mean something in the future.

Lots to enjoy this time in the look of the series… I thought that the device Trick used to enter the trance was really well done and seemed to be almost something steampunk inspired in a way. The drive-in was the right amount of creepy and sinister, the addition of the scene on the scene to match what Trick and his wife were doing was a nice touch as well. It made you pay attention to everything that was going on. I’m quite happy with all of the attention to detail in the series now and I hope that continues…

This was possibly the best use of a storyline since Blood Lines really… So much change came to the series and all of the characters had something happen to them. As this was, most likely, supposed to be the finale for the season season before they extended it, I think that it would have brought the season to an epic close. So many what-ifs to answer and so many situations to get out of or expand from. I’m just glad that they actually closed off some plot threads too…

Really happy with just about all of the characters this week. I actually was happy that Nadia and Lauren exited the scene, at least for the moment. Better was finding out about Lochlyn, though I still don’t like him all that much as a character. Does bother me that once again Trick has to be threatened as he was at the end of the first season and I would hope that they don’t keep doing this for the finale of the season. It would be repetitive and really there are better ways to make a cliff hanger…

The addition of the Garuda and the explanation of the Naga, the reveal of the threat to the Fae, at least part of it, and the addition of myth of the Luduan all were interesting and added flavor to the series. I have one problem with Wai Lin though… Can she count? She asked 3 of her 4 questions to Trick… Does that mean something for the future in the series or was Dyson’s answer about his love, or lack of it with Ciara the fourth? I hope that they didn’t miss a question and it was an editing mistake… That would be disappointing…

Next Month: Midnight Lamp

While Bo continues to ponder The Ash’s shocking proposal, she agrees to his interim request – to kidnap a Genie. The assignment becomes complicated and dangerous, and Bo finds herself involved with the most unlikely partner.

Well.. It sounds good as a beginning to the next half of the season but I see a problem with having a Genie in the Lost Girl universe. Seeing as they are traditionally beings that can change reality, wouldn’t that be a bit too much for the universe? It can’t be possible for the Genie to grant a wish of the Garuda to vanish from the universe can it?

I don’t expect so.

As for the partner, I suppose that means that Kenzi will not be returning for the foreseeable future in the series, unless of course we get the occasional make-out scene with her and Nate. Personally I think that is a waste of Kenzi and I hope that they don’t go that route with her. As for the partner?

Ciara? Possibly? It would make some sense and it would be an interesting twist to the series and the relationships in it. It might never help Bo in getting her mind set to a point where she can deal with Garuda in the future…

Can the second part of the season live up to the promise of the last two episodes? I think it can. There is a major threat that has been revealed, there has to be something done about it. That will result in things going wrong, or right, but won’t solve anything until the end of the season… If then.

As they now have a third season to play with, the question becomes if all of the cast will return, which isn’t clear right now, and if not then I shudder to think of what might happen to the characters that will not be returning.

The writing and stories improved a lot in the last two episodes. We have what amounts to another full season of Lost Girl to come.

Don’t trip now please?

The series resumes January 22nd, 2012. Honestly I can hardly wait…




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    Well, it could be something as simple as not having the actress who plays Kenzi available for the second half when the producers committed to it . . .

    Of course, now we get to see Bo having to deal with this problem without her emotional anchor–without any of her emotional anchors–making her even more a “Lost Girl.” That could be interesting. Bo could be lured to the dark side.

    Or Kenzi could somehow come back as a puppet of the Garuda, and thus Bo’s enemy.

    Could be interesting . . . or the “Buffy” writers could take over again . . .

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    I have pitchforks ready for the writers if that happens…


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