Dec 21 2011

Not that much of a Devil Dress really…

I’ve commented in the past that a costume, any costume really, should in all of its parts add up to giving you a look that does make you appear as what the dress would suggest…

In the case of Succubi, that should be sexy.

In the case of Devils… I dunno…

Black Devil DressThis is simply called the Devil Dress and comes with… well actually I’m not sure what you get when you order this to be honest as the description is so limited as to be just about useless.

I assume that it is made of vinyl, but there is no information at all on that, so it’s an assumption…

And we all know what happens when you do that…

But they are clear on one point. This originally sold for $250 US and was on sale at the time I found it for $106 US.

And it makes me wonder exactly what you get for that. Assuming that you only get the dress I think is a likely possibility, as awful as that seems to me at least.

If that’s true, then there are no horns included or the stockings for that matter and again it’s an example of something being offered that doesn’t give you what the image suggests you receive.

That’s disappointing.

If she wasn’t wearing horns I couldn’t see how this dress could be connected to anything devilish in anyway shape or form to be honest. I suppose that the red accent on the dress is representing flames, but that’s really hard to gather from what they look like I think.

Yes it is shiny, yes it has a certain amount of sexy in it I admit, but otherwise I don’t see how this is Succubus-like at all…

Taking the dress by itself I’ll give it one pitchfork out of five.

Could be the start of something good, but that will take a lot more work than it should to get there…




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    $250.00???? Evidently. if sexiness makes it succubish, then ripped off must make it devilish . . .

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    Just a bit dear on the price yes…


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