Desires 9

Pleasure and fantasy last only so long and then… then what comes? It’s an important question to the Succubi Queen…


Desires – Beach Oasis

By MacroLass and Tera S

Part Nine


Excited beyond speaking at the thrust’s of the barbed demon tail, Miliani showed her appreciation by thrusting back against it, trying to bury in deeper in her womb. **FUCK ME, MISTRESS!!**, she screamed in her head. **FUCK MEEEEEeeeeeee….**

Tera’s joyous cries and her heartfelt compliments were an affirmation of the islander’s raison d’entre. Her mouth was full so she couldn’t reply, but her actions spoke volumes about her devotion to her new owner. She focused even harder on getting the demoness off, timing her arousal skillfully so they would come as one, like true lovers are meant to do…..


Tera’s tail drove deeper and deeper into Miliani’s pussy, the tip vibrating and twisting to rub against her clit. As it did, it made her body rise slowly but surely towards an all encompassing explosion of pleasure for her. Miliani’s body began to quiver in time with Tera’s as their mutual passions grew and grew…

Tera gasped and undulated beneath Miliani as she basked in the pleasures she was receiving. Her pussy clenched down on Miliani’s tongue and she began to reach towards the orgasm that she so desperately craved…

Then she let a long passionate scream of pleasure escape her lips as Miliani touched the perfect spot within her hot wet pussy. She arched her back and then moaned out so loudly into the air, “OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!”


At the succubus’ call, Miliani stiffened, caught in the throes of her own sweet rapture. She held there as long as she could, basking in the ecstacy, trying to make that moment of crystalline clarity last forever, wanting to keep that perfect union of two souls for eternity….

But alas such perfection isn’t meant to last. As her orgasm faded, she pulled back, gasping raggedly for air.

“Th…thank you…my…my Mistress….”

She then eased her face back into Tera’s nether regions, gently cleaning up her juices and lavishing her thighs with soft post-coital kisses.


Tera sighed and gently traced patterns in Miliani’s hair with her fingertips as she enjoyed the moment with her. Then Tera’s eyes glowed a bright green and she spoke softly to Miliani, “My love… I want you to listen carefully to me… You are growing sleepy… Every lick and taste of me makes you more and more sleepy. But that doesn’t bother you in the least. You are with me and I will protect you as you sleep comfortably against my warm skin…”

Tera’s fingers trailed across Miliani’s cheeks and then over her back as she began to nuzzle against Tera. Tera whispered, “No fear… No worries… Safe and secure in my love Miliani… You know that I would never allow anything bad to happen to you… Just rest now and listen as I instruct you Miliani…”

She watched Miliani’s eyes flutter and begin to close slowly…



Next time the story draws to a close… But is it what you expect?




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    • James on December 20, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    Well, since I am expecting a marvelous, enticing surprise, it may just be.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on January 17, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    One can hope of course…


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