Dec 17 2011

Two Morrigan Drawing YouTubes…

I found a pair of YouTubes that show a colour in progress of an image of Morrigan Aensland which I thought was well done and so…

Part One:


And Part Two:


The end result I think it really well done, the artist does lovely work to make Morrigan look very three dimensional I think and you can find the completed work on this artist’s DeviantArt page here as well.

The artist calls themselves Rush–It and they seem to specialize in manga and anime artwork, but they also have done a few Succubus images:

Morrigan Aensland

Lilith Aensland

But I think that this one of Morrigan is my personal favourite…

Morrigan - Color Practice by *Rush--it

Morrigan - Color Practice by Rush--it

You can find the original page on their DeviantArt site here with this art as well…

Have a look!



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