Dec 16 2011

Does the Lost Girl have a Frequent Flyer Plan for sex?

The twelfth episode of Lost Girl season two aired this week, and I couldn’t believe it, but they actually closed a plot line! And it was interesting! And it actually made sense! What happened?

Episode twenty-five, and the season two twelfth episode of the Lost Girl TV series, was this week. Bo goes on a mission possible, Dyson and Ciara buy a house, Kenzi has an old crush appear, and in the end, Bo is alone while life continues around her.

This is the twelfth review of the second season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo learns that sometimes, when it comes to dealing with the ones you love, you have to wear…


The episode begins with Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) and Bo (Anna silk) together at their place. Kenzi is working on something at a table when Bo enters the room, getting ready for a morning jog. She explains to Bo that she is working on a family get together which she isn’t thrilled about, but is doing it anyway. Kenzi then invites Bo to the so-called party, but she declines and leaves for her jog. After she leaves, Kenzi calls someone on her phone and tells them that Bo doesn’t suspect anything.

The scene then shifts to Lauren (Zoie Palmer) as she is brought into the Ash’s (Vincent Walsh) chambers after being placed in the dungeons last episode (Can’t See the Fae-Rest). She asks the Ash what he plans to do to her next, suggesting torture, but the Ash asks her if she is willing to go back to work again. Lauren reveals that she has been in the dungeons for four days and that she isn’t interested in returning to work. Lauren threatens to leave the Ash and go to the Morrigan because she knows mor about what has happened to Nadia that he does. The Ash tells Lauren quite bluntly that if she attempts to see the Morrigan she will be punished severely. When Lauren defies him again, the Ash changes tactics and tells Lauren that he has been reading the journals of the previous Ash and reveals to her that the one that cursed Nadia was in fact the old Ash.The Ash did so because he needed a cure for the Fae that were dying, Lauren could provide it, and by cursing Nadia he could insure that Lauren would be drawn into the world of the Fae permanently. The Ash tells Lauren that she needs to get over that fact and move on, but Lauren tells him that she would rather burn the Ash’s home to the ground. Then the Ash tells Lauren that he has located the Shaman that set the curse, and that they are located in a small village in the Congo. He also tells Lauren, when she wants to go there and see the Shaman, that she cannot because he is Dark Fae. The Ash tells Lauren that he will do everything in his power to have the curse removed, but in return Lauren must return to her work. She does not actually say she agrees, but does leave the Ash to, it appears, return to work.

Returning from the opening credits, Kenzi enters the Dal, and sees Hale (K.C. Collins) there. She starts to butter him up and then he just asks her how much money she needs. Grudingly, he agrees to give her ten dollars to “Bo’s Special Day” and as well he agrees to bring a cake along to the party. Then Trick (Richard Howland) appears, and he confirms to Kenzi that he will be bringing the beer and other fine spirits to the party. She and Trick continue to talk about the party arrangement but then stop as Bo enters the Dal. She makes small talk with all of them, and each makes excuses about what they are planning to do on the weekend, trying not to reveal to Bo what they are planning for her, which is a surprise birthday party. Trick asked Bo what she is planning and Bo tells him that she hasn’t talked to Lauren in a while, is planning to call her and perhaps they can spend a night together. Then Bo’s phone rings and it seems to be Lauren. But it turns out not to be, the Ash wants to see Bo immediately.

Bo and the Ash meet in his lair, he offers Bo some tea but she refuses and asks him to get to the point of why he called her. He tells her that she is so impatient and that she needs to learn to “enjoy the moment or life will pass you by.” When Bo asks if he called her to give fortune cookie advice, the Ash reveals that he has information about Nadia. He tells Bo that he knows were the Shaman is and that he wants Bo to go there and persuade him to lift the curse. He tells Bo that the Shaman is a Dark Fae mystic called Tshombe (Philip Akin) and that he lives in a small village in the Congo. As Bo is unaligned in the Fae world, and she has an interest in the problem, she is the right person to go there. He also tells Bo that she can never tell Lauren that she did go. The reason for this is that the person that removes the nail must do so out of compete and utter selfless love sand this is shown by doing a favour for them and never letting the other person know about it. The Ash tells Bo that she must accept this as fact or she will not be successful. Bo tells the Ash that she doesn’t need credit for helping a friend. She then asks to see Lauren, but the Ash refuses telling Bo that Lauren is in the middle of something that is very critical and she cannot be disturbed. When Bo asks how she will get to the Congo, the Ash gives her a business card and tells her that it is his personal travel agent and that all arrangements will have been made.

Kenzi is at Bo’s place speaking Russian on the phone when Hale comes in carrying a box. Kenzi tells Hale that one of her relatives is arranging “party favours” for the guests, being digital camera right off the boat, and when Hale asks how, Kenzi turns her attention to the box Hale carried in. Opening it, Kenzi finds a heart shaped cake with the words: “Happy Brithday Bo” written on it. As she admires it, Bo storms in and Kenzi quickly hides the cake from sight. Bo goes to her room, grabs a knife, and then starts to leave. When Kenzi asks what is going on, Bo tells her that she is going to Africa and as she leaves Kenzi asks if she will be home for dinner.

The next scene takes place at the travel agency the Ash sent Bo to which is called the Tayyalard Travel Agency. Bo enters and before she can ask anything, the woman that runs the agency asks if she has a number. Bo is confused since there is no one else there, but takes a number anyway and eventually the woman calls Bo’s number out. She takes Bo’s number and then addresses her by name and introduces herself as Peggy (Pragna Desai). When Bo asks how she is getting to Africa, assuming a plane, Penny tells her that what she does is “fold the Earth.” When Bo is confused, Penny understands why she would be as she is the only Fae travel agent sanctioned by the Ash in the city. She explains the Bo that instead of her moving to her destination, the destination will move to her in the blink of an eye. In Peggy’s words: “You merely stand still and the world is displaced under your feet. When Bo asks if it is safe, Paggy laughs a bit and then says: “There are the normal risks, headaches, swelling of the joints, nose bleeds and in some very limited cases death.” She then hands Bo an accident waver and has her sign it in various places. Then as Bo signs Penny also offers her travel insurance with “excellent death benefits.” But Bo declines. After she finishes signing, Bo asks what’s next, Peggy says “Happy Trails” and in the next moment she is standing in a small village in the Congo outside of the place where Tshombe lives. Bo enters the house to find Tshombe laying on the floor and he seems to be unresponsive to Bo as she calls his name. He stirs slightly and she tells him that she is in search of a cursing nail he placed in a block of wood. Tshombe raises one hand and Bo’s sight is drawn to a large pillar of wood in the room that has hundreds of nails placed in it.

Returning from commercial, Tshombe stands and after thanking Bo for helping him, tells Bo that he has not long to live. Bo tells Tshombe that she is there about a woman, named Nadia, that he cursed for the Ash a long time ago. He moves to the pillar of nails and comments the all of the nails were placed where they are for a reason. When Bo asks if he knows how much pain he has caused, Tshombe’s answer is that every time, when a person is cursed, it shifts the fortunes of others. and he asks Bo who is to say that the world is not a better place as a result. Tshombe then locates Nadia’s nail and tells Bo that he was paid to place the curse on Nadia and he also tells Bo that the one that paid for the curse was the former Ash of where she comes from. When Bo cannot believe that a Light Fae would as for something from a Dark Fae, Tshombe’s answer is that the Light Fae don’t mind compromising when they feel that the ends justify the means. The Ash did so in order to ensure that Lauren would find the cure the Ash needed and as a result several hundred Fae lives were saved as a result. Bo asks how much to pull out the nail and Tshombe’s answer is that there is a mask he wants that can save his life. It is a healing mask that was once owned by the Goddess Ama that was given to a Shaman in Mali and then was stolen two years previously. Tshombe tells Bo to find it and return it to him. When Bo asks where it is, he tells her that it was stolen by a Preta (Denis Akiyama) who was last seen in Madagascar. Tshombe tells Bo to hurry as he may not survive the night.

Back at Bo’s place, Kenzi is auditioning music bands and she is seen looking on in disbelief as one of them demos their act for her. Eventually she stops them and thanks them for their time before seeing them out. After they leave there is a knock at the door and Kenzi opens it to find another musician standing there wanting to try out for the gig. After a moment, he recognizes Kenzi and she calls him Nate (Aaron Ashmore). After inviting him in, they catch up on their lives since they last saw each other which was sixteen years ago. She asks him where he went after he left her, being the guy next door that she had, and still has a crush on. They talk about their lives and what has happened since they last saw each other. Nate moving around from place to place with his family, and when he asks if Kenzi has found anyone for the gig, she tells him that she has now.

Back at the Dal, Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) arrives and has a beer while talking to Trick about Ciara (Lina Roessler). He tells Trick that he has been spending the morning house shopping with her. Trick tells him that he should be happy and that there are a lot of men that would give anything to be in his shoes. He also tells Dyson that he needs to figure out what he wants, and Dyson tells Trick that he has been trying to, but not getting anywhere with that since Ciara arrived. Trick tells him that he know that Dyson has been struggling with them since he came back from the Norn when he saved Bo by giving up his love for her which Trick isn’t aware of in the first season finale Blood Lines. Bo then arrives and interrupts them by asking Trick what he knows about the Preta. Trick tells Bo that if she is planning a Preta hunt she needs backup, and Bo looks at Dyson hopefully. Trick explains that Preata are extremely greedy beings, driven to satisfy their desires but never able to fulfill them. For example, some want to eat, but are never satisfied. Others need to drink, but liquid evaporates on their tongue before they can enjoy it. The Preta that Bo seeks has a need to collect treasures, and Trick tells Bo that she can find him in the catacombs under the First Christ Church in Sambava, Madagascar. Dyson mentions that he has heard stories of people going into Preta dens, but none of them coming out. Bo asks Dyson if he is scared and with a smile his answer is “intrigued.” Trick then tells Bo that she must offer the Preta a trade for what she wants and it has to be something of value. When Bo says that she has nothing of value, Trick makes a sacrifice for Bo and gives her a bracelet that was once owned by his wife. Bo is shocked as Trick has never spoken of her before and Trick promises to tell Bo about her sometime in the future. Bo tries to refuse, but Trick insists telling Bo that his wife would approve of him doing so. He wishes them both luck and then leaves. Bo thanks Dyson for his help and he tells Bo that he had nothing better to do and anyway that is what friends are for. They then leave to obtain the mask.

After a commercial break, Kenzi and Hale drag a large box into Bo’s place which is supposed to contain cameras for the party. However, after opening the box, Kenzi discovers that it holds wooden cat dolls and not cameras, her relative having picked the wrong box. Kenzi is frantic over this, but Hale tells Kenzi that at least they have cake. Kenzi tries a little bit of the icing, but discovers something in it and that turns out to be a little worm-like creature. Hale shakes his head and comments that he should have known that an organic Far bakery would use worms in their products which makes Kenzi ill.

Bo and Dyson arrive back at the travel agency and Bo tries to tell Peggy what they need, but, once again, she insists on Bo taking a number, Dyson does so this time, and when it is called, being the only ones there, they of course are Peggy’s next customer. Peggy asks if they are going on a honeymoon together and tries to make some small talk, but Bo pushes her to send them on their way. The next moment they are at the Preta’s lair and enter it, Dyson commenting that the travel was “impressive.” The Preta meets them almost immediately, asks them if they want to trade, and bids them to follow him deeper into the catacombs. He leads them into a chamber that is filled with treasures of all kinds. He explains that he is driven to steal treasure to admire it, but in order to do so, he must touch it. However doing so turns the treasure into sand the moment he does so. His one hope is that someday his curse will be lifted and he can actually touch and enjoy the treasures he has. He asks what Bo has to trade and she shows him the bracelet that Trick gave her. The Preta tells Bo to place it on a shelf for him, but also warns her that touching the sand would have the same effect as his touch. Bo steps around several small piles of sand and does as he asks. He then asks what she wants in return and Bo tells him that she wants the healing mask of Ama, and the Preta tells her that he knows which one she wants.

Lauren in the meantime, visits Nadia in her chamber in the Ash’s lab. She has a conversation with her, talking about why she hasn’t visited Nadia. She tells of the Ash holding her prisoner, that they both have been, and that maybe it won’t last much longer. Lauren tells her that when that happens, then maybe she will get to hold her again.

Bo and Dyson are led by the Preta to where the mask they seek is found. Between them and the mask are many piles of sand standing as high as Bo’s waist. The Preta tells Bo that she must enter the room and retrieve the mask. Dyson calls it a trap, but the Preta replies that it is simply part of their quest and the most cherished treasures are the most difficult to come by. Dyson asks the Preta to give them the mask, but the Preta simply says that he sets the rules. He also tells Bo that the piles of sand by the mask are the last people that tried to obtain it.

After another commercial, Bo starts to make her way across the room, gingerly manoeuvring around the sand piles. As Bo does so, Dyson notices a large piece of cloth laying on top of a sand pile and realizes that the Preta’s clothing is made of the same material. As he tosses Bo the cloth, the Preta opens a door to the room and a gust of wind begins to swirl the sand into the air. Bo tells the Preta that he is not being fair, but the answer is “my terms.” Bo then throws her knife at him, but the Preta destroys it by blocking it with his hand. Dyson then tells Bo to cover herself with the cloth and then begins to throw various pieces of treasure at the Preta forcing him to destroy them before they can strike him. Dyson throws many items at him until he falls to the ground, his hand touching the bracelet that Trick gave Bo, turning it into sand and also turning into sand a large pile of gold that he falls upon. Dyson then closes the door, Bo uncovers herself, and then retrieves the mask. Bo is upset that the bracelet has been destroyed and takes, using a small piece of cloth, a small amount of the sand that was the bracelet before they leave the Preta behind.

Kenzi and Nate at that moment are in Bo’s place, Nate strumming a guitar and singing while Kenzi listens and he continues to do so until he stops and they talk for a while. He calls it weird, that Kenzi was the little girl next door that danced in a tutu. Kenzi replies with how he was the guy next door that practised guitar in his bedroom in his underwear. Kenzi admits that she was a “precocious six year old in love” and then tries to make excuses over what she said. Nate then asks if she is seeing someone, Kenzi says no and Nate just nods his head in reply. When Kenzi asks the same, Nate tells her that he hasn’t found his soulmate yet.

Bo and Dyson return to the travel agency once again, and when Peggy asks for their number, Bo snaps on her, Penny commenting that “someone has jet lag.” Bo tells Peggy to send her once more to Tshombe’s home, and then thanks Dyson for his help to which his answer is: “I’ve always wanted to see Madagascar.” He steps back, Peggy tries to get Bo to sign up for a frequent Fae flier plan, which Bo refuses, and then Bo is transported back to Tshombe. She finds him unconscious on the floor and unresponsive to her. She places the mask on his face, it melts into his skin and then vanishes, seemingly curing him. Bo tells him that she kept her part of the bargain and that now he has to remove the curse on Nadia. Tshombe reaches for a crowbar, wraps Bo’s and his hands around it, and then it glows with a bright red fire. Tshombe then tells Bo that she now has the power to remove the nail herself. Bo then approaches the pillar of nails, places the crowbar against Nadia’s nail and starts to pull it out. Back in the lab, Lauren is frantic as the equipment watching over Nadia begins to sound alarms that something is wrong. Bo pulls the nail out and Nadia’s capsule begins to glow with a bright white light and then the hoses and other connections explode away from it. The capsule vanishes in a flash of light and Nadia, now revealed, opens her eyes and looks around. She sees Lauren, sits up and simply says, “Lauren.” Lauren is speechless as she sees Nadia alive and well once more. Bo in the meantime comes to the decision to remove other nails from the pillar. As she tries to do so, Tshombe tells her that she does not have the power to take other nails out, but to his shock, Bo starts taking them out one by one. He tells her to stop, that she has no idea what she is doing, but Bo’s answer is that she is freeing innocent people. Tshombe then tells Bo the story of several of the nails she has not yet pulled out. One is a violent man that beats his wife and children, another is a traitor that led his men into battle where they were slaughtered. Bo asks what gives him the right to be judge and jury and he asks the same thing of her. Bo then takes the small bag of sand she took form the Preta and then pours it over a box of unused nails sitting on the floor turning them to dust and destroying them. Bo then leaves Tshombe behind as he screams “NO!” in her wake.

Another commercial finds Ciara on the phone as Dyson returns home. She tells him that she closed the deal on the house they were looking at before and she tells him all about it excitedly and hopes that he will love the place as much as she does and they share a kiss. Bo in the meantime, see the Ash and tells him what she has done, she also asks if she was successful to which the Ash tells her that she knows the way to where Nadia is and that she won’t need a body bag to get in there. Bo thanks him for making it all possible and he tells her that she should: “Try to keep that in mind in the days to come.” Bo then leaves him and rushes off to when Nadia is only to discover that Nadia is awake and well, but she also finds Nadia and Lauren embracing and kissing each other. Bo doesn’t say anything and just turns around and walks away leaving the two woman alone together.

Bo goes home to find the lights out and stumbles inside to try and turn them on when there is a cry of “Happy Birthday!” and the lights come on to find her place packed with friends and a party waiting for her, Kenzi and Nate as the band ushering her into the place with a short musical refrain. The first to greet Bo is Hale, then Kenzi runs up and hugs Bo as well. Kenzi, rather embarrassedly introduces Nate to her, and he tells Bo that Kenzi has told her all about her, which comes to: “You are the big sister that Kenzi never had but always wished for.” Bo thanks Kenzi for the party and with a smile tells her that Nate is cute. Then Ciara and Dyson are next, Ciara hugging Bo first and then she walks away. Dyson then give Bo the first gift of the party, which is a throwing knife to replace the one that she lost to the Preta earlier in the episode. Bo manages to thank Dyson and then Lauren arrives with Nadia for the party. Bo greets them and then as the rest of the guests introduce themselves to Nadia, Bo walks away. She sits down on the couch and a moment later Lauren sits with her there. She thanks Bo again for obtaining the cursing nail from the Morrigan, which out which they never would have known what the problem was. Bo mumbles an off-hand “Yeah.” and then Lauren hands her gift to Bo which turn out to be throwing stars for her to use. Lauren tells Bo that she worries about what Bo gets involved with and that she just wants to be sure that Bo can protect herself. Bo tells her not to and that she has more important things to worry about. Trick is the next to give Bo a gift and that turns out to be an antique walking stick with a sword inside of it. Bo tells Trick that she is sorry, that the bracelet was destroyed, but Trick tells Bo that it was for a good cause. He also tells Bo that the bracelet brought his wife years and year of happiness and now it is bringing happiness to others. Trick also reveals to Bo that the walking stick was originally his wife’s and now it is hers. He asks her to keep it close, she will never know when she might need it, and Bo promises to do so. Trick then leaves and a man that we have never seen before in the series then approaches Bo with a gift for her that he says is from an admirer. (This person is credited as Anthony Lemke, but without a character name. However the IMDb lists his character as being Ryan Lambert) Bo is confused and she sarcastically thanks him for clearing up the confusion before opening the gift to find it contains some kind of bracelet. When she comments that it isn’t a weapon, she is told not to be so sure and to read the inscription first. Bo does so but she cannot quite make it out. What the viewer can see are a series of letters and numbers that read: Rsr 12342 as best as can be seen from the glimpse shown of it. Bo asks what it means, but the man that gave the gift has left the room. Bo then looks around to see her friends all talking together and she finds herself alone on the couch and she slips on the bracelet and in a melancholy way watches life go on around her without her.

The final part of the episode begins with the aftermath of the party the night before. Bo wanders into the main room and stops one of the cat dolls from moving with one of her hands. Kenzi then comes in very happy and offers Bo a cup of coffee just the way she likes it. Bo thanks Kenzi once more for the party and tells her that she especially liked the cat theme of the party. Kenzi then summarizes what happened the day before: Bo jetting off to Africa, Dyhson and Ciara buying a home together, Nadia being awake and well. Bo teases Kenzi about her boyhood crush and in response, Kenzi asks about the mysterious man that was at the party, Bo says she doesn’t know him and neither does Kenzi. Then Kenzi rushes off to give Bo her present, Bo commenting that it is either a knife or a pistol. However, when she opens it, she finds an artist’s portfolio of drawings of the party that Nate did. Bo tells Kenzi that she is happy for her, and Kenzi tells Bo that she wants to be happy for her too. Bo’s answer is simply: “I know.”

The final scene of the episode has Lauren entering the Ash’s lair once more. He asks how Nadia is, Lauren replies that she is fine, that there appears to be nothing wrong with her and that she is amazed by it all. Lauren tells him that she is grateful to him for what he has done and then drops to her knees in front of him. She then tells him that in exchange for Nadia’s life, she reaffirms her commitment to the Ash. He tells her that from now on, the necklace she wears as a symbol of his ownership of her will remain on and then drapes it around her neck. Lauren’s answer is: “Forever.”


Fade to black…

This was really one of the best episodes of the series to be honest. Lots of character development for Bo, the mythos was really expanded upon, and best of all, one plot thread was closed that I didn’t really expect to be… However, of course they opened eight new ones.

I didn’t mind Nate’s appearance, I didn’t mind Nadia being freed, I got over Lauren’s reenslavement, I even found myself enjoying Peggy’s quirks. But the one thing that still gets to me, and it’s a fairly major thing, is the need of the writers to add more and more problems to the mix for the characters. I know that there has to be a certain amount of tension in the series, but honestly, there are so many plots still running… why can’t they use them?

There were two moments in the episode that I still clearly remember. The biggest one is Peggy and the travel office, that was inspired acting I thought and I couldn’t help but smile throughout those scenes. The other was the party at the end, which revealed a lot, but also gave us a look into Bo’s thoughts of the world around her in that she is part of her friend’s lives, but also separate from them… I found that really well played.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… This episode I think moved Bo as a character the furthest that she ever has been. We see another glimpse that she’s different somehow in removing nails that she shouldn’t be able to, we see hurt from watching Lauren and Nadia, but the aching loneliness in the middle of all of the life around her… That was tragic. So much development for Bo and I hope that they don’t wash it all away.

Dyson… Not really a force in the episode, but, I have to admit that the moments of humour that he showed were a joy to me personally. But the Norn problem is becoming old and worn out honestly… and I miss the Dyson of the first season a lot.

Kenzi… I could just say that she was amazing and leave it like that, but I will just add that it was so obvious how much she cares for Bo in this episode and that is something that I hope the writers never forget even with Nate now in Kenzi’s life.

Lauren. I thought that her first moment with Nadia was… not the scene I expected it to be. I expected joy, crying, relief… something more emotional. All we really saw was Lauren and Nadia kissing in front of Bo and then the aftermath of that. Just was disappointing to me.

Trick. Darn it all, so much promise in the hints about his wife, his words to Bo, the gifts he gave to her and the payoff was… flat. Oh I know that they can’t reveal everything, but really they could have allowed more focus on the why or a longer scene between them than what we saw… Next week looks to be a Trick-centric one and I hope that it allows him to shine.

Hale. Here for a moment and then off again. Still, the scenes with Kenzi were perfect as two friends doing something for Bo… The laughs and tears through them were a joy to behold…

The Ash. So much manipulation this episode of Lauren and Bo, and to be honest, it’s about time that he did. At least now we see him as a chess player of lives and not simply someone that we want to hate. Get him being more of a focus of intrigue and less of a loud bully and that would make him more interesting to me.

Ciara. Not here for long, buying a house does that I suppose, and so she was fleeting in the episode. But there is a point to all of her plot and so it goes on…

Peggy. The silly thing is that I know a travel agent that has her personality almost exactly and she made the episode for me in teams of laughs and smiles… Would love to see her again sometime in the series…

Nate… He’s an interesting match for Kenzi and there is a lot of chemistry between him and Kenzi… The problem is that I have the worst feeling that he will turn out to be cannon fodder for the next episode in order to have the promos for it come to pass. More on that later. I liked the actor, very talented, and it just felt right when he was on screen.

Nadia. Not really a lot to say about her. She and Lauren make a nice couple, but otherwise we learned nothing about her really. Hopefully there will be more to learn and she won’t just fade away.

Tshombe. Really a striking character. So much emotion and story in him and we really only get a small taste of it. I doubt he will return, but Bo removed his ability to use his powers it seems and perhaps he will return.

The Preta. Interesting character, wonderful actor, but the last scene of him crying out on the floor I felt didn’t do the character justice.

One other character that wasn’t named in the episode was the mysterious man that gave Bo a gift at the party. According to the IMDb he is named Ryan Lambert, but nothing else is known about him… He will be back, IMDb says so and I am curious about him.

As I said, a lot of character development this time and that is a good thing. I hope the writers don’t forget any of it…

My rating of Masks

Keeping my interest – 5 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 4 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 5 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 4.3 Pitchforks out of 5

If the series was going to be only thirteen episodes as was originally shot, this would be an excellent end of season show. It isn’t now, but I have the oddest feeling that it was meant to be.

That didn’t happen and so next episode will be the pause in the season. I hope that it can at least live up to this one’s promise.

I watched every moment of the episode because it was interesting and I wanted to see what was going to happen next. The scenes in the travel agency were the best I thought, and they alone would have made the episode one of my favourites. But seeing what Bo is capable of, even a little bit, and watching the relationships between the characters grow? Just wonderfully done.

Bo wasn’t too much a Succubus in this episode, but we did get to see another hint of what she can do. That I found really interesting… I don’t have to have her using her powers per se in an episode to appreciate her in a Succubus way… And since they didn’t just make her dependant on others and she did have to solve problems on her own. That’s something we need to see more of.

Really wonderful settings in this episode. The travel agency, Tshombe’s home, the Preta’s lair… Everything was rich in detail and added so much to the episode. Just wonderfully done.

A strong storyline as well, which it had to be considering what the goal of the episode was. Full points to the writer in this one. I’m glad they settled the awaking Nadia plot, I liked the development of the relationships between the characters, I even could deal with the new plots started as well. Well done and I would hope that the next episode is as well thought out…

Lots and lots of character development and background reveals in this episode all of which are excellent things to see. I wish that every episode managed to do as much.

I found the additions to the mythos of the series made a lot of sense, they added a lot to the series, but I fear we will never see any of them again and that’s a shame. Peggy and the travel agency would be the series a means to get out of the city they are in and travel more… I hope they do as the series is quite popular around the world and I think some people would like to see that as much as I do…

A good well done episode this week.

More please?

Next Week: Barometz. Trick. Pressure.

When Trick takes matters into his own hands to foresee the future, he runs the risk of revealing too much to the wrong Fae. Meanwhile, a furious Bo confronts The Ash about a betrayal … and is stunned by his response.

And here comes the fall season finale, followed by a month of no new Lost Girl episodes… On the upside at least SyFy will be staring to run the series in January. Still. I’m not sure that they will manage not to edit the hell out of the series considering who their parent company is.

The first thing that comes to my mind is that vision of the Nain Rouge. Will they give Trick the vision as well? There has been a teaser for the finale that was shown during Masks, and here it is from YouTube:

And if you can’t see it here:


So we have a man with flaming bat wings? If that is Bo’s father I will not be happy about it, though as an Incubus trying to turn Bo to the Dark?

That’s a thought and might fit in with the other plot lines that are flying around still…

So a life will be lost and an enemy found. Nice and vague isn’t it? And we have so many minor characters to choose from to kill off don’t we? What are the odds that Nate won’t make it though this episode? Or will Ciara be killed?

Anything is, of course, possible…

I just hope that in the end, it’s a good episode and that whatever happens has a lasting impact on the series…

But we’ll see.



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