Dec 15 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 207

This is the fifth week of a series of posts for the Succubi of the Week on the Tale for next the little while featuring the work of an artist on DeviantArt that has created some wonderful sexy Succubi…

The artist is Darthhell, and this one of their works that I think should have an interesting story behind it that we’ll probably never really know…

Araya Fyre by Darthhell

Araya Fyre by Darthhell

This is called Araya Fyre and the name of this piece is interesting as the artist makes mention that they would have liked to have a daughter and name her similarly, which I think would have been lovely…

This work was created in 2010, and you can find this image where I originally found it here on DeviantArt.

I think she is a lovely Succubus, though I have to admit once again that black horns against raven hair doesn’t quite look right to me, and her tail is hiding out of sight here. But the details in her body, the ears for example are perfectly done, and the shading and light reflecting off her red skin looks amazing! Her eyes are a haunting combination of colours that while seem a bit odd, do match her look and pose quite well I think…

I wonder how she came to have what looks to be an Angel of some kind in her possession like this and what she is planning to do with her…

It would make for a powerful story I think…

Please do visit Darthhell’s site on DeviantArt for lots of lovely 3D art!





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    Yes, a succubi can come up wiht much more interesting things to do with an angel . . .

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    *just smiles*


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