Desires 8

Pleasure matters doesn’t it? The Queen of the Succubi thinks so…

Desires – Beach Oasis
By MacroLass and TeraS
Part Eight

Tera shivered at the first breath over her nipples. She felt them crinkle and stiffen at the light hot warmth, and then she shivered as the pleasure coursed through her body. She knew that her desires were reflected so perfectly in Miliani’s mind and body, and relished her attentions to her needs and wants. Tera pressed her nipples gently to Miliani’s lips urging her to suckle on them, and panted softly as she instead kissed and licked her ever so gently. She then arched her back slightly as her breasts were massaged and sighed in the feeling of the warm supple fingers against her skin. Tera smiled and licked her lips in anticipation of what was next.

At the strokes of her tongue around her naval, Tera giggled softly and gently played with Miliani’s dark locks of hair with her fingers. Her tummy quivered and rolled gently underneath that wonderful tongue reveling in the pleasure that Miliani gave her. At the first touch against her thighs, Tera moaned in a soft voice, “Yesssssssssssssssssss……..”

She allowed her legs to widen to give Miliani all the room that she needed to work her magic. As she did she gently stroked her tail across Miliani’s back and bum sending shivers of pleasure through her as well.

And then as the kisses came, she moaned and entwined her fingers in Miliani’s hair. She parted her lips and gasped in pleasure at the promise of what was to come. Tera’s eyes glowed a soft green and she whispered hotly to her, “Oh yessssssssssssss….”


Miliani cooed in delight as the Mistress’ tail stroked her ass. It showed her that she was indeed on the right track and that soon the most perfect woman in the world would be receiving her rightful due.

Then Tera’s eyes went emerald and Miliani felt a sense of purpose that she’d never had before. Suddenly pleasuring the goddess beneath her wasn’t the most important thing in her life….it was the ONLY thing in her life. She surrendered utterly to the power, letting it sweep through her and sharpen her purpose to razor clarity.

She started licking around the insides of her scarlet folds, slowly rimming her labia first to explore their depths and then gradually picking up the pace. As she went faster she also slipped deeper, running her tongue along the inside of her vagina, swirling further and further into her most intimate channel….

Then, when she could go no further, she quickly pulled out along the roof of her pussy formering her lips around the succubi’s clit and sucking on it hard. She bobbed her head a few times, as if servicing a miniature cock, then dove back in to swirl her tongue again…over and over again until the Mistress wished her to stop or do something different.

Tera sighed happily at the way that Miliani was playing across Tera’s hot wet pussy. She gasped in surprise as she felt that perfect tongue slither into around her folds and whispered, “Oh yes my love… So goooood… Oh yessss…” Tera let out a squeal of passion as Miliani drove deeper and deeper within her pussy.

Tera squeezed her muscles just enough to make the friction on that wonderful tongue stimulate her further than before. Her hands pulled needfully at Miliani’s hair egging her on, her desire for that tongue to slip deeper and deeper within her becoming her world for the moment.

Then, as Tera’s clit was so skilfully sucked and nibbled on she let out a long scream of lust. Her back arched into the air and she tried to push herself harder against those wonderful lips. Tera’s tail twitched in sympathy with her building orgasm and suddenly wrapped itself around Miliani’s right leg.

A moment later and Tera’s tail began to pump in and out of Miliani’s wet cunt wildly. A length of it pressed against the crack of her bum and rubbed franticly against the sensitive flesh there sending waves of pleasure into Miliani for the pleasure that Tera received.

Tera let out a long passionate moan of pleasure and then in a needy voice moaned, “Oh Miliani…. You are so perfect… So wonderful… You are everything that I wished you would be!”


But not forever and not for much longer in this story… More next time…



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    • James on December 13, 2011 at 10:12 am

    *Fanning myself, almost certain I could make a comment if I could form a coherent thought, if there was blood left in my brain*

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    • TeraS on December 20, 2011 at 10:41 am

    *provides succubi to mouth resuscitation*


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    • James on December 20, 2011 at 4:56 pm

    And you expect that to CLEAR my thinking??

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    • TeraS on January 17, 2012 at 2:54 pm



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