Dec 10 2011

A Succubus Pole Dancer YouTube…

About six weeks ago on the Tale I shared a YouTube that showed a Succubus and an Incubus dancing together… You can find that post here for those that would like to see it…

It was the creation of a user on YouTube calling themselves 

This week I have one other video to share from them….

And if you can’t see it here:


This was done in Second Life of course with one of the many, and I do mean many Succubus avatars that are available there, but once again she has a double tail…

I still don’t think much of that idea really…

Otherwise, she’s an interesting Succubus, and I do think that other than her tails she is really well done…




  1. avatar

    I suppose the Succubus is okay (the extreme horns bug me, too), but I would hope that a succubus would have more and better moves than pole dancing.

  2. avatar

    Very cool find!

  3. avatar

    Well we all have to start somewhere don’t we?


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