Can the Lost Girl hear the Fae-Rest fall?

The eleventh episode of Lost Girl season two aired this week, and I suppose that I should be thankful for some movement character-wise in the series this week… But save for some growing conflicts between some of the characters, there wasn’t a lot to this episode at the mid-point in the series.

Episode twenty-four, and the season two eleventh episode of the Lost Girl TV series, was this week. Bo plays dress up with Ciara, we discover that wood can kill, and Kenzi remembers all of the names she has used in the past… Oh and there is some spitting too…

This is the eleventh review of the second season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo, it turns out, seems to like Bruce Cockburn music when she learns that she…

Can’t See the Fae-Rest

The episode begins with Bo (Anna Silk) and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) standing outside of a high class fashion store discussing a jacket they see in the window. Kenzi tells Bo that she could go in and use her powers to get the jacket for free, but Bo tells her that it isn’t her style. A moment later and Ciara (Lina Roessler) leaves the store and sees the pair standing there. She comes over to talk to them. Ciara tries to make small talk with Bo, part of which is trying to thank her for saving her life in the episode Original Skin, but Bo seems to be uncomfortable talking to her. When Ciara tries to take the two women to lunch, on her treat, Kenzi fakes being sick and Bo makes excuses to Ciara for them not being able to join her. Ciara seems to be hurt by this and says her goodbyes before leaving. Kenzi talks to Bo about Ciara and Bo makes it clear that she doesn’t want to “hang out” with Ciara as she isn’t her friend before the two walk away in the opposite direction.

The scene then shifts to a party somewhere else in the city where various high class rich people are drinking and partying together. A couple pass through the party and then enter a room together, the man, Cameron (Rainbow Sun Francks) closing the door behind the woman (Devon MacDonald) as they enter. They make out for a time before the man shows the women some condoms that he keeps in a small wooden box. She lays on the bed in the room obviously drunk trying to make up her mind and then a shadow crosses over her body and the sound of the man being crushed is heard. When she opens her eyes again and looks around, she can’t see him and then finds him on the floor obviously dead and screams.

Returning from the opening credits, Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) and Hale (K.C. Collins) are at the scene of the murder investigating. Through the course of their conversation, it becomes clear that this event is one in a series of murders that have been happening over the past few weeks. The victims have been rich upper class men who all were killed at home. All of the deaths having the same appearance, the body being crushed to death and no witnesses of how the deaths occurred. Hale comes to the conclusion that the likely suspect has to be a Fae, but has little other clues to share. Dyson agrees with Hale, but since they have been seen at the murder scene they cannot go undercover to find out more information at other parties that seem to be the one connecting factor in all of the murders. But Dyson has a solution for that problem.

Dyson and Hale meet Bo and Kenzi at Bo’s home, and try to convince the women to attend the parties and gather information for them. At first Kenzi and Bo are not interested, but Hale describes the parties as being insanely lavish to the point where Kenzi comments: “I’m going to marry one of these parties.” Bo relents as does Kenzi, but Bo asks how they can possibly attend an A-list party. Dyson’s answer is that the two women are going to have to attend prep school with someone that knows the high-class world. That persons turns out to be Ciara. She meets Bo in an upper class fashion store and goes about trying to give Bo all of the information she will need in order to attend the party. She gives Bo a complete guest list for the party with background on every person attending as well. As well, Ciara offers Bo a dress that will, she thinks, be perfect for Bo to wear to the party. Bo attempts to divert Ciara’s attention by asking about one of the people on the list. She is told that person is Russel Cooper (Kristopher Turner) the host of the party. Several other people are named off and Ciara tells Bo about them as well. One of these is named Lita S (Sitara Hewitt) who is a fashionista for the rich and famous. Ciara also mentions that Lita was seen to be very close to the first murder victim. Bo then goes off to try on the dress that Ciara wants her to wear, as she does so, Ciara tries to explain to Bo that she wants to help because she can’t see anything of the world that Bo and Dyson are involved in and she wants to know more about her and Dyson and what has happened to him. Bo’s answer is that the dress is over her head and she can’t understand her.

The scene then shifts to the party and Russel is seen in the middle of it all. Moments later, a woman walks up to him and he greets her as Lita. She gives him a gift of a belt, especially made for him, and he goes off to put it on. Bo and Kenzi walk into the party next, Kenzi trying to decide where she will start gathering the free things that are being given away, Bo reminding her that they are supposed to be investigating for Dyson and Hale. Russel then approaches Bo and Kenzi and starts making small talk with them. Bo introduces Kenzi as “Kimmi” and Kenzi calls Bo “Bitzy.” Kenzi flits with Russel, telling him that they live upstairs, heard about the party and decided to come down and see what it was all about. Russel seems to be smitten with her and they go off together leaving Bo to continue checking out the other people at the party on her own and then approaches a man named Clive (Drew Nelson). They carry on with some small talk and Bo learns that he owns a software company that Russel invested in. He begins to show Bo pictures of his niece on a tablet he has, and then Lita interrupts them. Bo attempts to make small talk with her and asks about having some boots made for a girlfriend, but Lita refuses saying that her focus is on men alone. Lita then focuses her attention on Clive and talks about the cover he has on his tablet. She then takes the tablet and walks away with it. Bo continues to talk to Clive and asks if he knew Cameron, the man that was killed at the beginning of the episode. He tells Bo that he did and that he was also at the party where Cameron was murdered, but doesn’t want to talk about it and leaves Bo. Meanwhile, Russel and Kenzi have completed their tour of the party and wind up alone. Kenzi asks Russel about his relationship with Cameron and he tells Kenzi that Cameron was a brother to him. Russel goes off to find a book of artistic nudes to show Kenzi and she looks around a desk in the room before opening a box sitting there. Russel tells Kenzi that the box was made from a tree in Belize and Kenzi acts suitably impressed with it. Then someone comes into the room and hits Kenzi over the head knocking her out and then moves towards Russel.

Returning from commercial, we find Kenzi, Russel and Clive all unconscious on the floor. Kenzi awakens first and pushes Russel off of her, but then realizes that Russel is dead as Clive awakes and the pair scream in shock. Elsewhere, the Ash is seen in his chambers admiring a small glass box that seems to contain a creature of some kind suspended in it. Lauren (Zoie Palmer) enters and the Ash asks her if she knows what he is holding in his hand. Lauren tells him that it is the body of a Pari, which the Ash adds is an endangered Fae of Persian origin. He also notes that they are beautiful creatures until they swarm and then they become like bees with the voices of Angels. Lauren tells the Ash that she knows all about them because she did an autopsy on one for him a few weeks ago. The Ash waves that report in his hand and dismisses it as being incomplete and useless. He then demands that Lauren do a complete autopsy for him now. Lauren is frustrated with the Ash and tells him that she has new evidence with respect to Nadia, but the Ash does not care about it and sends her on her way without further discussion.

Meanwhile, Kenzi is in the police station being grilled by Sargent Ross (Falvio Cecere) about what she was doing there. Kenzi tries to defend herself from him, but he suspects that she is responsible for the murder. He then opens a folder on Kenzi and reveals that Kenzi has used the names Kenzi Williams, Kenzi McAdams, Kenzi Rogers, Rhino Levine, Ninotchka Alexandrovitch and lastly Tony Soprano. Kenzi tries to deflect him, but he is unmoved by her attempt and threatens to make her responsible for the murder. Kenzi is on the verge of tears when Hale barges in and tells the Sargent that the Chief wants him and then Hale takes over. He asks Kenzi for any information on what she saw before she was knocked out and Kenzi lists all of the items that she saw in the room from her memory including the wooden box she was looking at and a business card holder by Lita S. Hale gives Kenzi a hung in thanks and Kenzi comments: “I don’t like dead people.”

Bo in the meantime is in the police station as well, awaiting her turn to be interviewed. She takes a seat beside a bag lady and after she shares a look with her, offers the sandwich that Bo had been intending to eat. The woman introduces herself as Maganda (Pamela Matthews), which meanspretty of the forest, and Bo gives her name saying that it means… Bo. Bo then asks if Maganda is there as a witness to the murder and the answer is: “I am witness to all from beneath the tree.” Bo asks if Maganda lives in the park, and the answer is that Maganda’s home is lost. Maganda seems to be somewhat confused when Bo asks what Maganda has seen, but nonetheless, Bo is kind to her and listens to what she is saying. Maganda talks about many things, one of which is what she calls “a snake with a lady’s face.” Bo is then called into the interview room and meets with Dyson. He tells her that Clive seems to be okay, if shaken by the experience. Dyson then lays out where Kenzi, Russel and Clive were and asks Bo where she was. The answer is: “In the kitchen trying to pretend that I am not dressed like Succubus Barbie.” He asks about her dress, Bo tells him that Ciara picked it out for her, and Dyson tells Bo that she looks nice in it. Bo pushes on and asks if Dyson has interviewed Lita, to which Dyson tells Bo that there is no such person on the interview list. He also tells her that no one seems to have seen anything, but Bo tells him that one person did. After saying that, we see Maganda waiting in the hallway.

Dyson, Bo and Ciara meet at the Dal, and pose the question if Lita is Fae, Bo wondering if Lita might be a Snake Shifter. Ciara notes that all of Lita’s items are made of snake skin and Bo comments that it’s very green of her to use her own old skin to do so. Dyson points out that other victims have had snake skin items in their possession when they have been killed and asks Bo to go to see Lita, but Bo tells Dyson that she isn’t Lita’s type. Ciara, with a smile, says that Lita likes handsome guys with more money than brains as she looks at Dyson. Dyson asks if she thinks he matches that description, and Ciara tells him that he has the handsome part down at least. Ciara also tells Bo that she will have to go as well in order for Lita to get interested in Dyson, and that it would be good to have Dyson as her fiancé. Dyson and Bo don’t like the idea, but Ciara tells them that they are all friends. Dyson agrees and leaves which allows Bo to ask Ciara if she is okay with the plan. Ciara’s answer is: “I trust you.”

We next see Bo and Dyson at Lita’s office talking to her about having Lita dress Dyson, who is calling himself Wendell, up as he has no style whatsoever, Bo telling Lita that Dyson wears the exact same suit every day of the year. Lita seems to be very interested in Dyson and begins to try and push Bo out of the picture in order to have Dyson for herself. She comments that she wants to bring out the animal in him, and Bo makes the remark that there is an animal inside of Dyson. Lita suddenly realizes that something is wrong and tries to leave, but Dyson confronts her that they know she is Fae. Lita sprays Dyson in the face with venom spit from her teeth and then runs out of the office with Bo in pursuit. However, just before Bo can catch up with Lita, she runs headlong into Maganda who is pushing a shopping cart with her belongings in it. They crash to the ground and Bo tries to help her gather the belongings as Dyson rushes past and tackles Lita, placing her under arrest.

After the next commercial, Bo and Dyson are searching through Lita’s office for clues, Lita having been placed in the Ash’s Dungeon. Bo discovers a client list which has on it all of the men that have been murdered and Dyson notes one name that seems out of place, someone named Heinze. Dyson tells Bo that Heinze is a Fae, specifically a Kobold, and Dyson can’t understand what he is doing on the client list as he isn’t, according to Dyson, Lita’s type. Elsewhere, Clive meets with Hale and Kenzi and they ask him what he knows about Lita. He tells them that she is at all of the parties and that he might be a little obsessed with her. Clive goes into a panic as he realizes that all of his friends are now dead and that he might be next, but Kenzi assures him that with Lita in jail, he is safe.

Dyson and Bo meet Heinze at the Dal, and they ask him about his relationship with Lita. He tells them that Lita sends client to him for special handcrafted items from around the world, that he gives her a cut of the action, and as well supplies her with rats from the delivery ships as snacks. When Heinze says he is trustworthy and then asks Trick (Richard Howland) to confirm it, Trick’s answer is that: “unless a Kobold is bound to you, don’t leave any of your stuff laying around.” Dyson then shows Heinze pictures of the dead men, but he claims not to recognize any of them. He then suddenly leaves claiming that he has an antiques show to get to. After Heinze leaves, Dyson gets a phone call that Lita is awake and he leaves to interrogate her.

At the interrogation room, Lita is bound to a chair with Hale and Dyson confronting her. She claimed to have loved the men, and their money, and did not kill them. Dyson tells Lita that the Ash was not happy to hear that she uses her own skin for her products and she does not seem to care, at one point baring her fangs to Dyson in frustration with him.

Back at the Dal, Ciara arrives and when Kenzi asks Bo if she wants to leave, Bo admits that she is beginning to like Ciara. She also tells Kenzi that she and Dyson are done relationship-wise, but Dyson seems to have good taste in women as Ciara is smart and funny. Kenzi seems to be jealous, and Bo tells her that she is as Ciara comes over to the table to talk to them. Ciara offers to buy them some champagne to celebrate Lita’s capture and Kenzi runs off to get some, but Bo seems to be uncertain about things. Bo is confused about something and talks to Ciara about it. Bo tells her that Lita is a Snake Fae called a Mama Wata and Ciara tells her that kind of Snake Fae is poisonous and does not crush its prey like a python does. Bo and Ciara come to the conclusion that they have the wrong Snake Fae as Kenzi returns with the champagne. When Kenzi hears the news, she calls Clive to warn him, but moments after reaching him on the phone, he is killed.

After another commercial, Kenzi and Bo are sitting together when Dyson arrives and tells them that Clive is dead, and Kenzi believes that she must be some kind of Black Widow as every man she has met at a party has been killed. Bo tries to comfort her and Dyson confirms that they must have the wrong suspect to Kenzi’s disbelief. Elsewhere in the Dai, Heinze is trading his wares and attempting to have someone buy a bar stool from him. Trick is not pleased with him trying to do so, especially when he hears that the wood is from Bali and is likely illegally shipped from there, and eventually kicks him out of the Dai. But before he leaves, Heinze leaves a wooden cane near the main doors.

The Ash is reading Lauren’s report on the death of the Pari and comments that someone is killing small defenceless Fae. Lauren also indicates that there have been three Pari deaths, all by electrocution, and that she has a theory to what is going on. When the Ash demands that she reveal what she knows, Lauren refuses to give him that information. She shows the Ash the African cursing nail and tells him that she needs his help to save Nadia. She tells the Ash that she has done whatever he has asked but the Ash tells her that he was not the Ash when Nadia was cursed and therefore he owes her nothing. Lauren asks for permission to look through the old Ash’s journals and when she is refused that access she defies the Ash, tears off the locket she wears that marks her as the Ash’s property, and swears she will not help him any longer, that she will take Nadia and leave. But the Ash calls for his guards and Lauren is dragged out of the room screaming at him. Afterwards the Ash calls for the old Ash’s journals to be brought to him.

Bo, Dyson, Kenzi, Hale and Ciara are all at the Dai going over the evidence they have and trying to connect all of the victims together somehow. Kenzi suggests that it might be her, but Bo tells Kenzi she is being silly. Bo however holds up a picture of Maganda and notes that she has been near every one of the murders. Dyson asks Bo what was in Maganda’s shopping cart and she lists off various items made of wood. They also discover that the wooden case from Russel’s desk is not at the scene of the crime anymore either. Dyson ask Trick about this and Trick comes back with the answer that Maganda must be a Batibat. It is explained that the Batibat is intimately connected to a specific tree which is their home. They are peaceful Fae, but when their trees is destroyed, they will kill in order to reclaim the wood their tree was made of. Then Kenzi asks what Maganda is doing in the Dal. She is searching around the Dai looking for something and when she is confronted, Maganda attacks Dyson and begins to crush him. Hale attempts to use his Siren powers on Maganda, but they do not effect her. Ciara hits Maganda over the head with an iron poker, but only succeeds in dropping both Maganda and Dyson to the floor, Dyson continuing to be slowly crushed. Bo and Trick talk about why Maganda would be there and they come to the conclusion that Heinze was there with some of Maganda’s wood. Trick realizes that Heinze had left something behind when he left, his cane, and Bo retrieves it. Bo then attracts Maganda’s attention with the cane and draws her away to Trick’s vault where they lock her inside. Dyson appears moments later and tells Bo that they have to find Heinze and the rest of Maganda’s wood.

After the commercial break, Dyson and Ciara are holding the vault door closed as Maganda tries to break free. Trick arrives with Heinze in tow and Bo confronts him. After hearing Maganda’s cries of anger, Heinze claims not to have know that he had taken the wood of a Batibat, but when Trick confronts him about leaving the cane behind, Heinze admits that he thought that Trick would know what to do. Bo tells Maganda that they have the man that took her wood and will make him return all of it to her to Heinze’s disbelief. He tells Bo that he has sold hundreds of items and that he will not be getting them back for free, but Bo doesn’t care about that and tells him that for what he has done to Maganda, he will do so, no matter the cost or time. Bo tells Maganda all of this and she calms down. When they open the vault door, she tells Bo that her tree was hundreds of years old, that every leaf of the tree grew in her heart, and that it was a castle for her grandchildren. Bo tries to comfort her and tells her that she is so very sorry for everything that has happened to her, and promises that Maganda will have her tree again. Maganda then tries to hug Bo, but Bo very cautiously declines the hug.

The next scene is Ciara in the dress shop where she and Bo had been before. Bo enters the room and after a little small talk, she asks Ciara if she has some time for her. Bo tells Ciara that she is smart and talented, but Bo also can see that she is lonely and hurt. Bo also tells Ciara that she has succeeded in making herself a friend and that Ciara deserves to be happy. Bo tells her to talk to Dyson and to be direct with him and then Bo leaves.

After another commercial, Dyson returns home to find Ciara waiting for him at a table with candles and some wine. She asks him to sit with her and then Ciara tells Dyson that she loves him madly and that she has been waiting for him for a lifetime. She also tells him that she will not be easy to fool and that she does not want to be a fool either. She asks him directly if he will love her back and Dyson’s answer is that he will give everything of himself that he can and that he will do his very best to make Ciara happy. She tells him that he already does, after which they kiss.

The next scene shows Maganda in a cell sitting quietly and cuddling some of the wooden items that have been returned to her. A peep hole in the door slides open and reveals Bo and the Ash standing outside. Bo comments that Maganda looks happy and the Ash agrees. The Ash tells Bo that they will keep Maganda in the cell until Heinze returns all of the items, which may take several years. Bo seems alright with that as Maganda does have to atone for the humans she has killed. Bo thanks the Ash for what he has done for Maganda and he replies that the Light Fae must be happy and that their lives are more important to him than anything else. He also tells Bo that he will do whatever it takes to protect “our people” as well. He then dismisses Bo, telling her that he has things to do in the Dungeon and Bo can find her own way out.

The final scene of the episode has the Ash walking over to a nearby cell and opening the peep hole for it which reveals Lauren sitting within the cell, a prisoner of the Ash. Lauren comes to the window and asks the Ash for forgiveness, but he does not answer her, shuts the shutter again and then walks away as Lauren screams at him through the locked door.

Fade to black…

Okay, not awful as episodes go, but not one single moment of Succubus action to be seen. Kind of disappointing for me personally… However, they did get Bo out of all of that black she wears and changed her hairstyle some, so it wasn’t a total loss… but it was close.

I give points for the ever so slight nod to the Fae problem of ongoing deaths, and some acceptance of what happened to Lauren in the episode as well. But it was a filler episode for the most part and, again, I just don’t understand why that was exactly.

I liked the new Fae that were introduced, the Snake Fae as a group are interesting and I have to wonder about Bo’s comment about Snake Shifters… Neither of the Fae we saw this episode actually turned into giant snakes or something similar, but, it might be something to see in the future?

This was an okay episode in a bunch of different ways. Getting to know Bo’s background more, to understand where she came from, and what happened to start her on the path she is on was a good thing.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… Well she didn’t wear black for once. Other than that, and her seeming acceptance of Ciara, there wasn’t much else to be said for her this time.

Dyson… Emotion! A nice comment to Bo about her dress! Is this the first sign of him getting back with Bo? And is this the point at which bad things start to happen to Ciara as a result?

Kenzi… An episode without her being in it would be… well it wouldn’t be a good thing. And once again, she was the good thing about this episode. The interrogation scene was really the best part of the episode with Kenzi in it I thought… And I couldn’t help but laugh when all of her alias were listed… The Tony Soprano one was too funny…

Lauren. Only a couple of short scenes with her and, I’m sorry to say, I just found her too frantic and too forced for my liking honestly. I understand that she is upset with the current Ash, but, how that was shown to the audience just didn’t work for me I hate to say.

Trick. He’s becoming Mr. Info Dump and that has to stop. Now. This is not a good thing to do with a character, or an actor that has so much talent and so much promise in their character. I know that there will be a Trick centered episode soon and I want that. A lot.

Hale. Again just there for a moment and then gone again really… But the moment with Kenzi in the interrogation room was something special and I loved that moment a bunch.

The Ash. Can we just cut to the chase and kill him? That’s what’s going to happen I am sure and when it does I won’t be sorry to see it happen. Of course that means a new Ash, again, and I wish that it would be the old Ash, but that’s unlikely to happen…

Ciara. Finally she’s not made of cardboard anymore and her expressions and acting seems a lot more natural this time. That made me like her a lot more and I am glad for that happening… Now if they can only keep from killing her off in the next episode that would be promising…

Lita… Didn’t like her, didn’t care about her, and the sheer over the top attitude of the character was very much like a caricature. Shame really…

Maganda. I loved the actress and the character very very much. I found myself caring about her more than just about any other minor character in the series that has appeared so far. I would love to have her return again, but I don’t expect that to happen which is a shame.

Heinze was… just not interesting to me. Not sure if it was the seer frantic personality or the odd attempts to hide the truth that bothered me, but I just didn’t like to see him on the screen… I don’t blame the actor for that, I think the script backed him into a corner and he was dealing with it as best he could.

The victims of the episode, Clive, Russel, and Cameron were forgettable almost immediately after they left the episode. And for the rest? Can’t really say I cared or remember them either…

My rating of Can’t See the Fae-Rest

Keeping my interest – 3 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 1 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 2 Pitchforks

Storyline – 3 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 3 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 2.7 Pitchforks out of 5

For the mid-season episode I was expecting a lot more to be honest. I expected that we might have a lot of movement on the major plot lines of the series. I expected that we might see some answers to questions that have been in the series for a long time…

That didn’t happen.

What we did see however was Ciara becoming a character to like, at least for myself in the series. We got the barest hint of Bo and Dyson getting on with their lives. We got some new Fae to think about, which is always nice to see. Oh, and once again the Ash just gets more and more under my skin as a character you want to see very, very dead and soon.

While all of that was promising and interesting, we didn’t see one moment of Bo actually being Succubus-like, the comment about Succubus Barbie not withstanding of course. So for the most part I paid little attention to the party scenes, which were just set up for the most important moments in the episode.I understand that you have to set things up, of course you do, but is it really necessary to pan across a party for two minutes before the episode continues? Really? We knew they were going to one so why beat us over the head with that?

Overall the settings were good ones and I actually know where the Clive death scene happened to be shot, as well the opening scene was on Bloor Street I believe and I think I know which store that was as well. The look of the series keeps improving as the series goes on which is a good thing and I do hope that they continue to make it look less cheesy and more vibrant as in the Dal and Bo’s place which are really well done locations…

The main storyline was okay, I found myself really caring about Maganda, what happened to her and her tree, and the sadness that we see in her at the end of the episode made me go back and watch it again from the beginning. I have to say that the actress that played Maganda was, I think, one of the very best that have ever appeared on the series. I really cared about her and I found myself unhappy at the resolution of the story, though the promise of her future was something that helped a little.

Overall the main characters of the series didn’t have a lot of growth. Bo did figure out her relationship with Ciara, and Ciara became a better character as the episode went on. Lauren is in peril… again. But otherwise there wasn’t much to point at and say “yes, that changes things a lot.”

The Peri are interesting and I have the feeling that as a Far type they will come to mean something in the future, though what that is we haven’t a clue as yet. There is something going on obviously and all of the hints are pointing at something… question is, what is it, why is it, and in the end, how does that connect with the visions that Bo has seen and the Nain Rouge’s declaration of doom coming soon for all?

Lots of questions still to be answered, so let’s have some… please?

Next Week: Masks

Bo enlists Dyson’s help to find an artifact she believes will release Lauren from her life of servitude to the Fae — even though it might mean having to say goodbye to the good doctor herself.

Can it possibly be? A major plot line resolution? Really?

Why don’t I quite believe it?

I don’t think that they will actually bring an end to Lauren being in the series nor do I believe that the Nadia plot line will come to a close either. As a teaser it’s an attention grabber and that’s the point I expect, but for those that have been watching the series from the beginning… we don’t believe it for a second.

Still, I have been complaining about all of the loose, open endings in the series and it would be nice to have something closed so that we can move on.

As this is the midway point in the series for this season, I should also say that overall I’m mostly happy with it, though there are some issues that still bother me. The main one being that Bo isn’t showing much of being a Succubus every week.

She is a Succubus isn’t she? Stop making her look like Nancy Drew please? Let the characters and their stories carry the series and not have to have an “issue of the week” be the focus of it all.


EDIT: It was announced late in the afternoon of Friday, December 9th, 2011, that Showcase has ordered a third season of Lost Girl to begin production in the spring of 2012 and to premiere in Canada in September of 2012. You can read the official announcement at the Showcase Blog here.



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    • James on December 9, 2011 at 9:46 am

    But doing an issue of the week mean we can recycle old “Buffy” stories . . . or “Star Trek” or “Matlock” or whatever . . .

    There will not be a major plot-line resolution next week, because it isn’t sweeps. The exception would be if this is a “mid-season finale” (no new episodes for a few weeks), in which case they might resolve one plot-line to stir up three others.

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    • Bro' on December 9, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    Can we get an image of “Succubus Barbie”?

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    • TeraS on December 20, 2011 at 10:38 am

    You can see the future my heart… Episode 13 does do that… sort of…


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    • TeraS on December 20, 2011 at 10:39 am

    *pokes my Bro*


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