Desires 7

Give and give again and in the end what happens? A Succubi Queen mostly knows…

Desires – Beach Oasis
By MacroLass and TeraS
Part Seven


Miliani bucked and thrashed like a wild animal, orgasmic wave after orgasmic wave crashing against the shores of her psyche, each surging deeper and more powerful than the last. “Oh yes…OH YES…OH YES!”

And then she froze as they merged, caught in a perfect moment of sexual union that seemed to stretch on to infinity. Likewise, Miliani shared her utter devotion with her love, that she would always be hers to command.

She warbled in concert with Tera, their cries of joy mingling musically all across the island paradise. Her head fell between the succubus’ perfect breasts as she panted in happy exhaustion. She cooed again in satisfaction as the tail slid slowly out of her.

She looked back to the demoness with sparkling innocent eyes, so pure in her worship of the most perfect of lovers. No other words were needed as she nestled lovingly against her Creator and fell into a peaceful doze….


As Miliani lay against Tera, she gently slipped a gift into Miliani’s mind and that of Flexi deep within her. Tera smiled knowing that, while the gift would not appear today, someday she would find it within her and, Tera hoped, cherish it…

Tera’s fingers slowly caressed their way through Miliani’s hair and she sighed happily. Tera held her warm sensuous body against hers and wondered about the woman within. Her past… Her future… Tera took a deep breath and sighed quietly…

Then Tera heard a rustling of the jungle at the edge of the beach. Before what was making the noise became visible, she sent a soft thought towards the source of the noise, “Please wait… She can’t see you…” The noise stopped and the jungle grew quiet again in response to Tera’s request.

Satisfied that they wouldn’t be disturbed Tera turned her attention back to Miliani. She slowly kissed her way along Miliani’s cheek gently bringing her back to wakefulness with soft erotic pleasure. As Miliani’s eyes fluttered, Tera whispered, “Hello my heart… You think you have some time for me?”

Tera’s eyes twinkled and then she giggled softly as she trailed a finger along Miliani’s cheek towards her soft lips…


This was by far the best she’d slept since….well, she didn’t remember the last time she’d slept. But it was so warm and safe against Tera, she couldn’t think of any place she’d rather be….

“Mmmmmmm,” she hummed happily against Tera’s breast as she woke. “Good morning Mistress,” she added drowsily as she kissed each nipple in worship.

“Everything that I have is yours,” she echoed with her own giggle, taking the finger between her ripe young lips and sucking gently on it.


Tera shivered at her kisses and then smiled at Miliani’s devotion to her. She moved her finger in and out of Miliani’s lips gently before she traced a gentle path around her lips with her finger.

She whispered, “And I love you for it so my love…”

Tera carefully leaned back against the soft towel beneath her. With Miliani still laying against her chest, Tera gave a soft sigh and said, “Show me your devotion my love…”


The islander smiled as well as the finger came out. Her eyes glittered with adoration. And why not? Life here was perfect. With Tera in complete control, she never had to worry about doing anything wrong again. She had honed her existence to a single laser-like focus: pleasing the Mistress.

And it was a job she did very VERY well.

“As you command, my love,” she whispered, her breath hot and steamy over the succubi’s nipple. She started first by worsipping her magnificent breasts, giving them soft sucking kisses and delicate licks for a while before moving her hands up to massage them.

While her fingers worked their magic she started making her way down the taut belly, revelling in the spicy tang of her crimson skin. She lingered a while over the navel, first running her tongue around its edge then slowly sawing it in and out, obviously a prelude to what she was planning on later….

Finally she arrived at the Mistress’ pussy. She treated it with the utmost reverence, parting Misress’ thighs gently to worship it first with featherlight kisses. She glanced up during this to see if her devotions met with Her approval.



Oh I think that it will…




    • avatar
    • James on December 6, 2011 at 10:12 am

    I have no doubt. And now we know who was your heart before the come-lately came along.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on December 20, 2011 at 9:40 am

    *hugs tight*

    There is only one heart… and he knows that well…


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