Dec 03 2011

A Succubus in an Eternal Descent YouTube…

There is a group called Eternal Descent, which is the creation of the music artist Llexi Leon. He has been responsible for this group being in comic books, video games and other media…

I created an article on the SuccuWiki that has a bit more about the group here earlier this year.

And recently I found a YouTube of the group that I thought was interesting…

And if you can’t see it here:


One of the band characters, named Lyra Constance, is described as being a Succubus in the story and this video has her as the central focus of it.

I thought it was interesting that she has purple eyes when she is transformed, she looks interesting as a Succubus, though her horns are a bit too large for my liking, but that’s just me…

I know that there are quite a lot of people that are fans of this series, and I would be interested in knowing if Lyra acts like a Succubus, or if that is simply what she is and not who she is…

You can find out more about the band and related things at their official website here.



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    This reminds me of the story “Hell’s Belles,” by Fembotheather, part of a Garden Halloween anthology in the archive.

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    I didn’t see that connection myself, but now that you mention it, it does make a lot of sense my heart…


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