Nov 30 2011

So where is the Succubus in this Costume?

Sometimes when I search for costumes for Succubi I come across things that, apparently, are supposed to be “devilish” in some way.. But really are they?

Not quite this time I think…

Shiny Devil DressThis is described as simply being the Shiny Devil Dress and it sells for about $80 US.

The thing about this is that the horns do not come with the dress, the boots nor is there anything else that comes with it. Best of all, there is a second image of this dress from behind in which the model is not wearing the horns she is in this one.

The rose is window dressing of course and means nothing to the overall look I know.

So in that case I have a question. Other than it being red in colour, what possible connection does it have with Devils or Succubi?

Things like this bother me because I think it’s done for advertising value only and nothing else.

Now I know that has to happen, you do have to sell something at some point to someone, but, regardless of that, shouldn’t there be something “devilish” in a Devil Dress?

It seems to make some sense to me, but I could be wrong I suppose…

Fashion-wise I see nothing in this that I like. I just dislike the style, the cut of the dress and overall I can’t see anything I like save that that material is nice and shiny which in a different style of dress would be wonderfully sexy…

But not this way.

I’ll give this dress a quarter pitchfork out of five. That’s for the material and nothing else…

There are better ideas really…




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    You assume, Majesty, that an idea was involved in this. I doubt it.

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    Benefit of the doubt you know…


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