Desires 6

What’s the difference between caring and something more? The Succubi Queen wonders about that a lot…


Desires – Beach Oasis

By MacroLass and Tera S

Part Six

The islander squealed and squirmed under her owner’s ministration, radiating joy from the sheer rapture of her love for this woman.

“But I would be nothing without you,” she echoed as she gazed back with her ensorcelled green eyes. “Your pleasure gives me purpose, my service to your will gives my life shape. I will be yours as long as you will have me….”

She lay back, wanting so desperately to return the kisses and gestures of affection that was lavished on her. But she was only a canvas…an erotic instrument for her Mistress to play. Her enjoyment of the exquisite trap she’d been ensnared in had nothing to do with the ultimate reality: that Tera was in complete control and that she was naught but a puppet acting according to HER will.

And that just made things even more wonderful.

She sighed in a fluttering voice as the tail sawed ever so slowly over her pussy. She was gushing like a river now, covering its length with sweet sticky girlcum.

“I…I have waited…all my life,” she answered in her own low husky voice. “Take me, my Mistress. Please.”


For a moment as Miliani’s words of devotion washed over her, Tera smiled softly and kissed her lips again. But deep within her mind Tera thought, “Oh Flexi… If only you were mine, I would love you forever in so many ways… But this is only for now… Not forever…. As much as I wish this to be…”

Tera turned her face away for a moment and then wiped a hand over her eyes. She turned back with a soft smile on her face and said, “The future isn’t for you to see my love… All we have is here and now…”

She cupped Miliani’s cheek in her right hand and said, “A gift given… A promise kept… Someday perhaps…. Someday….”

She pressed her lips to Miliani’s again, her cherry taste flooding into her mouth. Tera gently pressed her tongue against her lips until they finally parted letting their tongues twine together in their passion.

Tera’s tail slipped back and then the very tip glowed a soft green. She laid the tip of her tail lengthwise along Miliani’s pussy and then, as she moaned in the kiss, her tail began to vibrate slowly into the pink wetness. Her tail pushed in slightly and then the vibrations increased making Miliani gasp suddenly. Tera held her in place with her body as her tail began to move more and more urgently against her. Tera kissed her lips softly and then said softly, “I’ve been waiting longer than you can know my love… And I will wait longer still again…”


Had something she said disturbed her lover? She couldn’t bear the thought some misdeed of her caused Tera pain or sadness.

“Then let us enjoy that here and now,” she advised the demoness. “There is so much in our destinies that moves us outside our awareness or ability to influence. Sometimes all we can be sure of is two hearts that have a perfect moment of harmony…like now But that is enough for me.”

She nodded as Tera caressed her face, understanding her intent on a subconscious level. They kissed deeply, their tongues dancing in rapture….

Shuddering, she forced herself to relax and accept the succubi’s appendage into her womb, yeilding to its full length utterly. “OOHHHH!!!”, she exulted in orgasmic rapture as she started cumming over and over and over…..


Tera pushed all other thoughts from her mind save one. She focused all of her powers…. desires…. wants…. needs…. passions…. love…. On the beautiful woman beneath her and giving her an experience like no other she had ever felt before.

Tera’s body glowed a bright green and for a moment it was as if they were one being. All that was Tera swirled around Miliani and filled her with the knowledge that she was so dear to Tera… And that Tera would remember her in her heart forever…

Tera’s body glowed brighter and brighter until the green of the building power of her orgasm enveloped them completely. The glow making their bodies disappear in the power of the moment they were sharing.

And then with a long deafening scream of pleasure Tera came wildly with her love collapsing in her arms and then falling to the sands beside her, Tera’s tail wiggling within her for a moment before it slipped slowly out of her and lay between them twitching softly.

Tera reached a trembling hand to Miliani’s cheek and smiled softly to her. Tera whispered, “Love you so….”

Then Tera closed her eyes and rested quietly in the warmth of the sun and the moment that they had shared together…


Just a pause… More next time…




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    • James on November 29, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    Some of the images in that last bit were so vivid, so evocative, so powerful. I hope you are very proud, Majesty.

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    • TeraS on December 20, 2011 at 9:36 am

    The younger me was quite good sometimes…


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