Nov 19 2011

S is for Succubus Coffee Mug…

I think that coffee mugs with a Succubus theme on them are becoming something of a fetish for me… Odd since I don’t drink coffee, but there you are…

I found another one on CafePress again, and this one says that S is for Succubus and I can agree with that idea…

The art on this mug is described as coming from the Dictionary of Demons and, since Succubus or Succubi begins with S, the figure in the art is a Succubus.

I think that it is a lovely old world piece of art and more importantly, it’s not over the top and so, I suppose, you could use it everyday and not really have it get a lot of attention…

I mean, a lot of people have their initials on their coffee mug and if your name starts with an S, wherever that is, I think that this might work well for you…

I should also note that the artwork is also used on keepsake boxes, T-shirts and other items as well, so if a coffee mug isn’t something you like, there are other options of course…

You can find this coffee mug available here on CafePress if you are interested…



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    Mugs needn’t be used only for coffee, Dear One. Tea, hot choc, milk, or even Diet Coke work just fine. Enjoy your mugs unabashedly!!

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