Desires 5

The Queen of the Succubi looks after her toys… Or are they really that? Only she knows for sure…

Desires – Beach Oasis
By MacroLass and Tera S
Part Five

The beauteous barbie nodded slowly, quite literally putty in the succubi’s hands. “…nothing to do…except listen….obey…..” Her body had become one giant errogenous zone that throbbed to Tera’s beat.

Flexi surrendered utterly, her sense of self retreating farther and farther into the depths of her subconscious under the relentless insistence of her new mistress. “…I want….I neeeeeed…must….rest…relax…go away….”

“Someone new….to cum and play…” The blonde felt Tera’s thoughts overwhelming hers but did not resist. She was so in love now that she’d do anything to please the demonic seductress.

“I…imagine…” The blonde husk began to morph, taking its cue completely from Tera. The Flexi body was only a physical vehicle…the changes were all Tera’s will.

“Miliani…is cumming to play….” As she changed, sensation poured back along the link to Tera. She felt the shapeshifter’s body as an extension of her own…no organs, no bones, just a homogenous hunk of plastic that burned with sensation as a single human sized G spot.

“Your perfect Polynesian toy.” Within moment’s her new slave had conformed exactly to her wishes. The blonde beauty was no more and in her place was a wanton Filipino fuckslave, ready and eager to obey.

Miliani keened in delight as she came, gushing liberally all over Tera’s hand as the new persona was cemented in her mind.

“MMMMM Mistress,” she purred luxuriantly in an islander accent, lying back and parting her legs wide to give Tera better access. “How may your slave Miliani please you this day?”


Tera smiled as Miliani came wildly. She rubbed her fingers in a slow lazy circle around Miliani’s pussy making her gasp and moan in pleasure.

Tera moved her soaking fingers away from Miliani’s sopping pussy, and then slowly began to run her long pink tongue over her own fingers licking them clean. She looked at her with a sultry smile and whispered, “mmmmmmm…. You always please me my love… You taste sooooo divine….”

With a lustful look, Tera moved onto her tummy and lay between Miliani’s tender thighs. She took a breath and then blew across her wet folds sending spasms of pleasure throughout her body. Tera’s hands trailed up and down Miliani’s thighs making goosebumps erupt across her tanned legs. As Miliani watched, Tera’s long tail rose into the air and began to move like a long red metronome behind her. Tera’s smooth tanned bum rocked slowly in time with her tail catching Miliani’s attention.

Tera looked up for a moment and said softly, “Are you soooo hot and wet my love? Is your pussy in so much need for me? Tera moved her fingers back to Miliani’s pussy and teased at her clit gently before she gave her a wink and began to suck and nibble at Miliani’s clit making her world the pleasure that Tera was giving her…


Miliani basked in the pleasure that Mistress gave, content knowing that her sole reason for existing was to amuse the ravishing demoness before her. She longed to show her devition in a more aggressive fashion but it seemed that for now Tera wished to use her body as an erotic playground.

She could live with that.

“I am always ready to serve,” the ensorcelled woman declared as her still green pupilled eyes met the succubi’s. “I need you as I need the sun and the sand. As the air that gives me breath and the waters that quench my thirst…so do I need you.”

She laid back on the beach, moaning softly as she accepted the gift of Mistress’ love. Her hands reached down and softly stroked her hair, moving to thumb the horns that peeked forth from her raven locks.


As Miliani’s fingers stroked across Tera’s horns, she shivered and gave a little moan at the pleasure. She slipped her tongue into Miliani’s slit for a moment sending a strong pulse of pleasure through her entire body. Tera slowly… Ever so slowly lifted her head and removed her tongue from Miliani’s pussy with a little pop as she slipped free.

Tera looked at her and whispered, “Your happiness is so important to me… Your service is cherished by me… You are special in ways that cannot be described in words my love…”

Tera moved onto her hands and knees and then placed her lips just above Miliani’s clit. She began to kiss her way up her firm tanned tummy until she reached her bellybutton. She slowly swirled her tongue around the outside of it gently rimming around and around until she licked into the centre of it sending goosebumps across Miliani’s tummy and making her quiver. Tera pressed her lips against the skin and then sucked softly and passionately for a moment humming slightly as she did.

She crawled a little further up Miliani’s body kissing her way slowly between her breasts and then up her chest sucking the skin into her mouth as she did. Soon Tera had placed herself over Miliani’s body, their nipples rubbing together gently, their lips brushing and teasing at each other until Tera was looking into Miliani’s eyes.

She smiled and gave her a long deep kiss that held her attention for a moment. Just a moment. And then Tera’s tail slipped between her and Miliani’s legs. And then as Tera kissed her, Miliani felt the touch of Tera’s tail trailing against her thighs and then the length of it slowly rubbed against her folds making her buck slightly at the touch.

Tera whispered to her, “Are you ready to please me my love?”



Isn’t pleasure something best shared?




    • James on November 15, 2011 at 10:43 am

    Yes, it is. And this version of Tera seems to especially enjoy the sharing, Majesty.

    • Avatar photo
    • TeraS on November 18, 2011 at 1:51 pm


    She should…


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