Nov 12 2011

Devil Girl by Christian Papaz

I found another Devil Girl or as I call them, Succubus, sticker on Cafepress this week… I do like art that is sort of old school in nature, like the Betty Boop or Betty Page works of the 1940s and 1950s…

And this piece of Succubus Art I think falls into that very well…

Devil Girl by Christian Papaz

Devil Girl by Christian Papaz

This is the work of an artist named Christian Papaz, who calls this Devil Girl. I found it originally as a sticker on sale at CafePress here, it also appears on various other items as usual there but you can also find more art by Christian Papaz, more accurately as Christian Papazoglakis, here at his website as well.

I like the combination of sexy and cute in this work quite a lot. The long latex-like boots are an interesting counterpoint to the skirt and top the Succubus is wearing. I like her hair, the style, shape and texture of it is lovely. Nice little horns and a lovely tail as well that she shows off really well too in her pose…

It strikes me that she is, in a way, showing off the barest hint of her sexuality, not quite enough to be gauche, but more than enough to attract attention and in doing so, capture the soul of the one she is looking towards…

Deliciously naughty and yet very classy which I really love…




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    I don’t know . . . that looks to be a tartan she is wearing. Could we have a Scottish clan of succubi?

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    Oh that is a thought…


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