Desires 4

If you know yourself, does that mean you truly know? And if you don’t, think of what that means… The Succubi Queen does…

Desires – Beach Oasis
By MacroLass and Tera S
Part Four

Tera’s voice was sultry and passionate as she said, “You are beautiful…. You are soooooo sexy… Soooooo hot….. Soooooooo passionate….”

Tera smiled and then leaned down to suckle at Flexi’s breasts. Her lips sealed around Flexi’s nipples and then she nipped and sucked at her nipples drawing out the liquid gently. As she did she increased the sensitivity of Flexi’s body twice over.

Tera finally licked her way across both of Flexi’s nipples and breasts before she reached a hand to her sunglasses and removed then slowly. Tera’s eyes glowed a soft green for a moment and the little arcs of black formed within her eyes. A moment later and Tera’s eyes had transformed into green hypnotic swirls that caught Flexi’s eyes and held them.

Tera whispered, “Make your glasses disappear Flexi… You need to see my green green eyes…. You need to fall deeper and deeper into them….. Just relax and listen to my voice my dear… Just revel in the pleasure and obey…… obey….. obey….


“So….so are you,” the lifesized Barbie whispered with the same emotional fire. “I’ve never met anyone who makes me feel like you do….”

Already a high strung erotic machine, the increase of sensation from her errogenous zones bid fair to drive her mad from sheer pleasure. Fluid began to trickle down her inner thighs as her milk started to flow freely from her mammaries.

She gave a soft gasp like a trapped animal as their gazes met. Her eyes widened…and the battle was lost as soon as it had begun.

“I need…to see your eyes.” The sunglasses melted like chocolate in the sun and were reabsorbed back into her body.

“..fall deeper…and deeper….” Her ice blue irises slowly turned to green.

“…relax…and listen….” The black of her pupils turned verdant and started to shimmer.

“…revel…in the pleasure….” Her eyes were glowing solid emerald now.



Tera smiled and then kissed Flexi on the lips again. She then whispered, “Listen to me…. Listen carefully…. You have nothing to do but listen and obey my words…”

Tera slipped a hand down Flexi’s body slowly and whispered to her, “Flexi is going to go away for a little while… She needs to rest and relax for a while….”

She trailed a fingernail along the inside of Flexi’s thigh and said, “And when Flexi is away…. Someone new is going to cum out to play…. You want that don’t you? You need to have that happen…. Sooooooooooo much….”

Tera moved close against Flexi until their foreheads touched gently together. A moment later and Tera’s thoughts washed into Flexi’s mind, “Flexi is going to fall asleep and Miliani is going to cum out to play…. You can imagine what she looks like can’t you? Long black hair…. Tanned skin… Large full breasts….. A ripe tasty pussy….. a firm heart shaped bum…. long slender legs…. A perfect Polynesian toy for me to play with… You need to make my wishes cum true….. Fall asleep Flexi….. Sleep and let Miliani cum to me….”

Tera’s fingers slipped between Flexi’s thighs and then she rubbed a finger gently against her folds making Flexi’s need to cum double and double again….



Changing… Altering… But to what end?

Next time…




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    • TeraS on November 18, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    Can do better my heart…


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