Does the Lost Girl like syrup with sex or just pancakes?

The sixth episode of Lost Girl season two finally aired this week, and after what seems like a month, because it almost is, it’s time for the Queen of the Succubi to post one of her reviews…

I’ll note that according to Showcase there will not be another hiatus until the 18th of December, but then they also said that there was supposed to be a new episode last week and that didn’t happen. Again I will note something to Showcase. Could you please be better on informing the fans of the show as to what is going on? If you don’t you are going to be losing a lot of your fan base and that’s really not a plan now is it?

Episode nineteen, and the season two sixth episode of the Lost Girl TV series, was this week. Kenzi finds a cure for hangovers, Bo discovers a secret about Lauren and also, finally, has the scene with her that the fans of the series have been waiting for, and the Morrigan and Vex come to blows in more ways than one…

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This is the sixth review of the second season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo finds out that for many human artists, and Fae, that when it comes to suffering for your art sometimes…

It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away

The episode begins with Bo (Anna Silk), Kenzi (Ksenia Solo), and Lauren (Zoie Palmer) sitting together in the kitchen at Bo’s home. Lauren is regaling the other two women with a story about her prom and the disaster it was. Kenzi is listening, but doesn’t seem to really want to be there as Bo is hanging on every word that Lauren says. The scene then shifts to an alleyway somewhere in the city where an artist is tagging a wall with a spray can of paint. An older man (Kenneth Wickes) approaches him and berates him for painting on the wall. After taking a better look at the mural, a scorpion’s tail emerges from behind the old man and it knocks the can from the artist’s hand. He demands to know why the artist is painting it and the answer he receives is the artist shooting him with a shotgun. The actual blast of the gun is not shown, but a clear image of the mural is however. That mural shows Vex (Paul Amos) killing the vampire Siegfried. The incident the artwork portrays is from the first season episode Vexed.

Coming back from the opening credits, we see Lauren and Bo sitting on the couch in Bo’s home. They are watching television it seems together. Lauren attempts to get comfortable and nudges Bo with one of her feet. Bo offers to let Lauren stretch out, and she does so placing her legs on top of Bo’s, her body facing Bo as well. Lauren and Bo attempt to get comfortable but Kenzi comes into the room startling them both and asks Bo to join her in the kitchen to look for a rat. When Bo comes over to talk to Kenzi, she insists that the relationship she has with Lauren is “platonic,” but Kenzi isn’t interested in that. What she is worried about is that she and Bo are harbouring a fugitive from the Ash which concerns Kenzi a lot. Lauren hears what Kenzi is saying and looks over to her and Bo, but does not come over to talk to them about Kenzi’s concerns. Bo tries to assume Kenzi that she will come up with something clever to solve the issue, but at the moment she hasn’t a clue what that would be. Lauren in the meantime, has looked away, but the concern can be seen on her face as Kenzi and Bo continue to talk. Bo comments that she liked it better when she was the “Mom” and Kenzi replies that she was never the “Mom.”

We then see the Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) at her office elsewhere in the city. She is talking to her assistant Bianca (Katie Boland) about various things when she enters her main office and finds Vex sitting there waiting for her. He confronts her with the news that one of her artists is painting images around the city, one of those being his murder of a vampire at the Morrigan’s orders. He also tells her that Scorpion Man is dead as well, referring to the old man that the artist had killed in the alleyway at the beginning of the episode. Vex then calls out the name “Jason” which refers to the artist Jason Gaines (Dewshane Williams) we saw earlier. The Morrigan barely tolerates this, but when Vex suggests that she gave Jason secret information while she was intimate with him pushes her over the edge and she shouts at him to be quiet. After telling Vex that if he crosses her he will have more problems than his petty local concerns, Vex tells her that he would never do so and he remains loyal to her. She then tells Vex that she will find the leak and that Jason will get what he deserves. Vex asks that he be allowed to interrogate Jason, but the Morrigan replies sardonically that she “would like a Dragon to heat my pool.” Vex then leaves the office and moments later the Morrigan throws items from her desk in frustration before ordering Bianca to clean up the mess in her office. As Bianca does so, the Morrigan asks if she thinks that Vex is happy in his position in the Dark Fae. Bianca answers that it is possible that Vex might be trying to overthrow the Morrigan and take her position to further his own gains. Bianca is then ordered to get her coat and fetch something for the Morrigan.

Meanwhile, back at Bo’s, Lauren and Bo are watching television with Kenzi positioning herself between the two of them. There is a knock at the door and Bo answers it to find Bianca standing there asking if Bo could come to a meeting with her employer. We return to the Morrigan in her office talking to a rock star (Steve Lund) attempting to persuade him to sign a contract with her. He refuses her and attempts to leave, but Bianca touches his hand and makes a suggestion to him. In doing so, she reveals herself to be a Fae as there is a similar effect to Bo’s feeding where she touches him. It is not the same colour however which indicates that she is not a succubus like Bo. After Bianca releases him, the rock star signs the contract that the Morrigan had offered him which takes away all of his royalties, something that he was unwilling to sign moments before. After the man leaves, the Morrigan then berates Bianca for making a mistake in her appointment schedule that the Morrigan needed to fix herself. Bianca leaves and Bo comments that she’s happy that she didn’t join the Dark Fae after seeing how Bianca is treated. The Morrigan scoffs at this noting that she feels that Bianca is irreplaceable. That is because Bianca is an Italian Fae called a Seniattawhich has the power to alter the inner motivations of humans. When asked why she treats Bianca so poorly, the Morrigan insists that she has to otherwise Bianca becomes lazy. After offering Bo one as a signing bonus to join the Dark Fae, which Bo refuses, she then comes to the reason why she called Bo to her office. The task she sets for Bo is to find the artist Jason Gaines and return him to her. The Morrigan also reveals that the man Jason had killed earlier in the episode was a Dark Fae elder as well. After Bo asks why her, it is also revealed that the Morrigan thinks there is a leak in her organization and she does not know who to trust which leaves Bo as the only option. When Bo refuses to take the job, the Morrigan also reveals that she is in love with Jason, which results in Bo taking the case.

Returning from commercial, Bo and Kenzi are at The Dal Riata talking to Trick (Richard Howland). He attempts to dissuade Bo from taking the case, but in the end explains some things to her. Trick explains that the Morrigan is a Leanan Sidheand that these Fae seductresses attach themselves to artists of all kinds, make them famous, and feed off them driving them slowly insane and causing their premature deaths. Trick calls them “Evil Muses.” Kenzi asks if any popular rock stars have ever dated any of these Fae and Trick’s answer is “No comment.” Bo and Kenzi then leave but not before Trick warns them that Jason may be completely unstable and dangerous. The scene switches to Bo and Kenzi looking at the place where Jason had painted the mural of Vex. The painting itself has been painted over and over the course of their conversation, Kenzi reveals that she knows several taggers. More importantly, she knows one who’s work was painted next to Jason’s work. Kenzi calls them a complete asshole, but takes Bo to them. As they leave, Vex appears out of the shadows and follows the pair. They find the artist, who’s name is Tryst (James Cade) moments later and he attempts to declare his love for Kenzi which she rebuffs very quickly as there really wasn’t anything that went on between them. Kenzi asks him if he has seen Jason, and Tryst tells them that he hadn’t seen Jason much since he became famous. He does mention that Jason has been acting strangely the times he had seen him and that his art had become very strange in that he was making murals that did not fit his usual works. Bo and Kenzi leave to continue their search, but Tryst tries to get Kenzi to agree to having him paint her. She refuses him… again.

Bo and Kenzi return to Trick, Kenzi asks for something to erase the last fifteen minutes of her life to which Trick replies, “Tequila.” Bo tries to figure out what exactly is going on. They know that Jason is going crazy due to the Morrigan’s influence, and that he is painting Dark Fae secrets out in the open, but they don’t understand why he is doing so. Kenzi suggests that he might be doing so as a warning to other artists to keep away from the Dark Fae, but Bo thinks this is unlikely. Kenzi’s phone then rings and she is devastated to see that it is Tryst calling her. Bo takes the call and learns that Jason had appeared and Tryst tried to talk to him, but the end result was Tryst getting hit in the nose with the butt of a shotgun. They also learn that Jason was last seen running in the direction of the West End, where he first started his art. Tryst attempts to get Bo to have Kenzi help him “as a sexy nurse.” But they hang up on him and rush off to find Jason. We next see Bo and Kenzi walking down yet another alleyway, Bo complaining about artists not creating their art in spas or cleaner places, and Kenzi noting that she thinks that Bo just want to go home and be “platonic” with Lauren. Bo admits that it’s hard not to take advantage of Lauren being there, that Dyson isn’t around because he is “holder up with the most beautiful example of a Fae”, and the Morrigan is in love and she, Bo, is “trudging through old cabbages.” The pair turn a corner and discover Jason tagging a wall with another piece of art. They try to talk to him, but he aims his shotgun at them and takes a shot, barely missing them. He attempts to run away, but Vex confronts him and takes control of Jason’s body stopping him in his tracks. Bo interrupts Vex, takes the shotgun away, and then finds herself being attacked by him. As Vex does so, Jason picks up the weapon and runs off. Vex then takes control of Bo’s body and is about to force her to poke her own fingers into her eyes when Kenzi appears behind him and places a long knife between his legs. She warns him that he can try to control her, but she will remove something he wants to keep and if he doesn’t let go of Bo, she’ll do it anyway. Vex releases Bo and tells the two of them to follow him to The Dal Riata where the first drinks “are on me.” As they walk past the place where Jason had been creating his art, Bo notices that he was painting an image of the Morrigan with a dagger in her hand and takes a picture of it. The three are then seen sitting at a table at The Dal Riata. Vex hands out drinks and demands to know why they are involved in a Dark Fae investigation. Bo tells Vex that the Morrigan hired her to find Jason alive. Vex responds that he was having some fun with Jason in the alley before interrogating him. When Bo asks why Vex cannot wait until she brings Jason to the Morrigan, Vex explains that he knows that the Morrigan is scared of him because he is more popular among the Dark Fae elders than she is and that she could well be behind the entire plot in order to get rid of him. He then offers Bo a huge amount of money if she will turn over Jason to him instead of the Morrigan. When Bo tells Vex that she will not help him kill Jason, he assures her that he will not kill him. He will see if his suspicions are correct and then turn Jason back over to Bo and she can take him to the Morrigan, along with being “able to afford a place with walls.” Vex finishes his drink and then leaves without another word to Bo or Kenzi. After Vex leaves, Bo asks Kenzi what she thinks about the new work they found. They try to figure out if the work is of something that has happened, or if it is something that will happen. In the end, Bo tells Kenzi to go home, and she leaves to talk to the Morrigan again.

The next scene is of Lauren in Bo’s home using a laptop computer to check on something. Kenzi enters the room, sits beside her and then tells Lauren exactly what she thinks about her. She thanks Lauren for helping Bo with Aife, berates her for having sex with Bo at the orders of the Ash and breaking Bo’s heart. Kenzi then gives her a warning that if she should ever hurt Bo again, her body will be found in an unmarked grave with a massive head injures inflected by a woman who’s name rhymes with Friendzy, Lauren tells her that she understands the “whole best friend thing”, but trying to be the only human in Bo’s life is selfish. They are interrupted by pounding at the front door and Kenzi opens it to find the Ash (Vincent Walsh) and a pair of thugs. They enter and the Ash demands to know where Lauren is. Kenzi attempts to protect Lauren by claiming that she has no idea. The Ash comments that he hope that Bo keeps her “as a pet on a short leash” as there are “some humans that need to be put down.” When she comments that there are a few Fae that she would like to see put down, one of the thugs lifts her into the air by the throat and she starts choking. Lauren then appears from where she had been hiding from the Ash and tries to save Kenzi. Lauren tells the Ash that he is overstepping his boundaries by attacking “Bo’s human” and he is aware of it. He replies that it is the smallest wisp of respect for Bo’s territory that keeps him from dragging Lauren out by her hair. He then gives her 24 hours to return or “I’ll pull the plug on your special research project.” Lauren tells him that she will be there and he leaves after having Kenzi released by the thug that was choking her throughout their conversation. After the Ash leaves, Lauren tries to apologize but all Kenzi asks is if she is really going to go back to him. Lauren’s answer is silence. We next see Bo taking a call from Kenzi about what just happened and then entering the Morrigan’s office to find her sitting in a chair with Bianca placing shoes on the Morrigan’s feet. After Bianca leaves, Bo tells the Morrigan that she is off the case, that she has more important things to do and she won’t help the Morrigan slowly kill Jason. When Bo also confronts her about what Vex offered her in exchange for Jason, the Morrigan agrees that Bo should drop the case. But then she offers a means for Bo to remove the hold that the Ash has over her in exchange for bringing Jason to her.

After another commercial break, we return to see Bo walking out of the Morrigan’s office with Bianca running behind her. Bo asks how she can stand working with the Morrigan and Bianca talks about meeting interesting artists and other vague reasons why she stays. She also reveals that the Morrigan’s real name is Evony Fluerette Marquise. In a rush she also explains that she came to the Morrigan looking for representation but the Morrigan found her ability to influence humans much more useful. She also indicates that this ability will be her “ticket to the top of the art world.” When Bo asks if Bianca misses painting, her answer is that she really wasn’t that good. Bianca then wishes Bo good luck and that she is sorry that Bo isn’t working for the Morrigan any longer, but Bo surprises her with the news that she is still on the case as she leaves the office.

We then see Lauren waiting for Bo to return home contemplating something. When Bo arrives, she asks if everyone is alright to which Lauren says yes, but also that Kenzi got into a bottle of wine and is out cold on the couch. Bo trie to tell Lauren that she has a solution to the problem with the Ash, but Lauren stops her and explains that she is going to return to the Ash in order to keep both Bo and Kenzi safe. Bo presses on and tells Lauren that the Morrigan will give her the means to solve the problem through a blood oath with Bo, but Lauren is disbelieving in her answers to the news. After Lauren tells Bo that after tomorrow she may be gone forever, they share a kiss, Bo promises that she isn’t trying to get over Dyson, but what will come is for them alone, and then they leave for Bo’s bedroom. Bo is the dominant one in the scenes that follow which are not like the moments she has shared with Dyson. They are not rough in anyway, but very gentle and loving between the two women with many teasing images of what they do with each other, but the moment is very short and ends with Bo and Lauren in bed together under the sheets. The last image we see of the pair is of Bo awaking, brushing Lauren’s hair from her ear and kissing softly while Lauren continues to sleep. Bo dresses and then finds Kenzi elsewhere in the apartment, wakes her, Kenzi suffering from yet another hangover. Bo tells her to get up and get moving as they have to meet Hale (K.C. Collins) at The Dal Riata. Unhappy, Kenzi demands pancakes for breakfast and then goes to get ready. This leads into a scene with Lauren in the bathroom that almost exactly matches the scene that Kenzi had with Dyson in the episode Oh Kappa, My Kappa when he first had sex with Bo, including asking Kenzi where the toothpaste was and Kenzi’s freakout reaction to what happened.

The next scene has Bo, Kenzi and Hale together at The Dal Riata, Kenzi pouring massive amounts of syrup over a stack of pancakes. Hale asks if Kenzi “wants some pancakes with that syrup?” Kenzi is not amused and threatened to have “Siren with my pancakes.” Hale takes pity on her and uses his siren powers to make Kenzi’s headache vanish. Kenzi begs him to marry her, but his answer is that she drinks too much. Bo asks about Dyson, but Hale is evasive in his answers saying that Dyson is hitting the gym and that Kiara is around somewhere, but Bo does not push the issue. Bo asks how Hale finds someone that could be almost anywhere and Hale’s answer is that Bo needs to see The Eye (Marty Adams) and then he leaves to find them. Kenzi and Bo are playing pool when Hale returns and tell them that The Eye is willing to help them. Hale warns them that whatever happens they should “roll with it” and that The Eye is independent, that Dyson and Hale use him occasionally for police work, but most of all that he looks into places and things that he probably shouldn’t be. After getting their courage together, the two women walk over to a table and find a heavyset man sitting in front of three laptop computers. When he is revealed fully, he has only a single eye, possibly making him a Cylops. The three of them have some small talk before Bo shows him a picture of Jason and asks for his help in locating him. Eventually The Eye agrees and then begins to search cameras all over the city, his single eye growing in size as he does so. It takes little time and Jason is quickly located, Bo making a note of the location. The Eye then asks for his payment, which is a single kiss from Kenzi, who isn’t thrilled by the idea. Still she does give him a quick peck on the lips before she and Bo leave.

Bo and Kenzi arrive in the area where The Eye showed them Jason would be, Kenzi telling Bo how happy she is that Bo lets her chase down a “gun wielding artist and make out with a perverted Cylops?” Moment later, Jason appears behind the pair and aims his shotgun at them. Bo tries to calm him down, but Jason is confused, his thoughts scattered and muddled, although the mention of Evony calms him for a split second. Then he lashes out at something he can only see for a moment before falling to the ground and convulsing violently, Bo and Kenzi trying to calm and help him.

Returning from commercial, Bo leads Jason into the Morrigan’s office. She greets Jason, but not as someone in love would, and then sends him off to his room dismissively. After he leaves, Bo asks the Morrigan to let Jason go if she really loves him to which the answer is that the Morrigan really doesn’t love him, but it was the only way to get Bo to do what was needed. She then gives Bo a small silver box with a red bow on it telling Bo that “it is the key to saving Nadia.” Bo takes the gift but is confused as to how it can free Lauren. The Morrigan then explains that Nadia is Lauren’s girlfriend to Bo’s shock. Bo returns home to find Vex waiting for her, angry that she gave Jason to the Morrigan. Bo tells him that they never had a deal and pushes him away, slamming the door behind her. Bo calls out for Lauren, but only Kenzi is there, Lauren having left to return to the Ash. Bo places the gift from the Morrigan on a table and then she talks to Kenzi about everything that had happened. Kenzi shows Bo the paintings that Jason did as being parts of a larger mural which shows the Morrigan killing Vex killing the vampire Siegfried. Kenzi thinks that Jason found out about the Morrigan’s plans when they were having sex, but Bo tells her that the Morrigan was lying about them being in love. They also discount the possibly that the Morrigan would tell a human of her plans. As well, they discount the possibility of Vex being behind the plot as well. That being the case, they then return to the moment when they found Jason and he started convulsing, but Bo reconsiders that and realizes that in fact Jason was resisting someone that was trying to control him. As Bo realizes who that is, the scene shifts to Bianca in the Morrigan’s office talking to a Dominatrix (Nahanni Johnstone) attempting to convince her that she needs to kill Vex. When she refuses, Bianca uses her powers on the woman, changes her mind, and gives her a weapon to kill Vex with.

After the next commercial, Vex is seen at home greeting the Dominatrix and then being dominated by her in various ways, including whipping and being tied to a rack before she reveals the weapon Bianca gave her and approaching him with the intent to kill him. Bo and Kenzi arrive in the nick of time, Bo attacking the Dominatrix, who is human, and Kenzi trying to release Vex. After a fight between them, and Kenzi finally locating the keys to the handcuffs trapping Vex, the battle ends when Vex takes control of the Dominatrix, taunting Bo for a moment before he disarms her. Bo then tells Vex that the Dominatrix is innocent before asking him what the hell he is wearing to which Vex simply poses.

The next scene is of the Morrigan and Bianca in the office as Vex and Bo arrive. Vex walks past the Morrigan, tosses the weapon the Dominatrix had attempted to use on Bianca’s desk, and then as the Morrigan attempts to answer Vex’s claims of knowing the truth, is interrupted by him as he points at Bianca and clarifies to whom he is talking to. Bo tells her that they know that it was her that was influencing Jason. Vex asks if Bianca has any idea of the war that she could have started, to which Bianca reveals that yes, she was the one that did it, that she wanted to see the Morrigan suffer for all of the things that she had done to Bianca and to all of the artist that she had harmed. She also tells the Morrigan that she took Bianca’s ability to paint from her and then she thrusts the weapon into her stomach committing suicide. Bo rushes over to try to help her, but Vex and the Morrigan don’t care about Bianca, the pair mending their issues while Bo watches Bianca dies, powerless to stop it from happening. After the Morrigan coldly calls for a cleaning crew to remove Bianca’s body, Bo leaves in disgust. The next scene shows Bo and Kenzi on the couch at Bo’s place talking and then reveals that they have kidnapped Jason, tying him up with Duct tape in order to wean him of the Morrigan’s control over him by using “hot bitch rehab” to cure him.

The final scenes of the episode begins with Bo contemplating the gift that she received from the Morrigan. Kenzi enters the room and the two of them talk about Lauren not being there anymore. Kenzi tries to make Bo laugh by asking if she got Lauren pregnant, but Bo doesn’t even smile. Bo then tells Kenzi that according to the Morrigan, Lauren has a girlfriend. Bo explains that she knows that she wants to free Lauren of the Ash, but afterwards she doesn’t know what to do. Kenzi tells her that she should let Lauren explain what is going on. The final scene is of Lauren in a futuristic chamber in white. In the middle of it stands what appears to be some kind of stasis pod. She approaches the pod and within it the shadowy form of a woman can be seen. Lauren begins to talk to her, telling her of Bo and how much she thinks that she would like her, that Bo takes care of her and what Bo means to her. As the episode ends, the last image is of Lauren on her knees at the head of the pod kissing above the forehead of the woman that is held within.

Fade to black…

Was the wait worth it for this episode I think is the main question. I think that overall it was. We learned something about Lauren we didn’t know, a few new Fae were introduced, and another part of the Dark Fae world was revealed to us. It also gave us the Morrigan’s real name, a reveal about what Vex is into, and a few other surprises which made the episode interesting to a point.

I can’t call this episode filler as it did move a few important threads forward in the series and that’s to the benefit of the series overall. However I felt like it was rushed in a few critical scenes and in one case, one scene didn’t have to happen at all.

Once again Kenzi saved this episode, and that’s becoming both a good thing and a worrisome thing. If this becomes a trope for the series that will be disappointing to me. It’s been noted that for a lot of people watching the series they are less interested in Bo than they are in the supporting cast and perhaps the writers need to notice that and make adjustments to how they write and use Bo.

Lots of infighting on the Dark Fae side and I do have questions about that, but that’s for a little later on…

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… She and Lauren finally are intimate together. That’s nice and it was what a lot of fans were looking for but the scene was missing something and for the life of me I think that it was in the lovemaking. It wasn’t… right. That’s about the best way I can describe it. Comparing it to the scenes between Dyson and Bo, it was like an afterthought which it shouldn’t have been. Not one example of Bo being a Succubus, and I will not accept the sex scene as being one, it wasn’t by far. She’s being used in the series less and less like a Succubus and more like a private eye. I’m missing the Succubus… a lot.

Hale… He was just about perfect. I can’t give the actor enough credit for how he and Kenzi interact in their scenes. The “ah shucks” attitude after curing Kenzi of her hangover headache was amazingly funny and I couldn’t stop laughing… We need more Hale and I hope that happens soon…

Kenzi… Again, the highlight of the episode. She was the perfect example of a friend to Bo, the look in her eyes and the emotions in her voice when she was telling Lauren off and then later telling Bo what she should do… My goodness Kenzi, you are, so much, the heart of this show and it’s a joy when you appear… And honestly when she was eating her waffles with a ton of syrup on them, I did wonder if Bo liked sex with syrup or not…

Lauren. I have issues with her still. There is something really wrong with her emotions through most of the episode. What I mean by that is it always seems like she is holding herself back and not having real emotions come out except for very rarely. She showed real palatable emotion when she and Bo were together, but then when Kenzi walks in or something unexpected happens… she doesn’t act right in response to them. Still she’s an interesting character and the addition of her girlfriend Nadia to the series will be interesting… I hope that storyline continues sooner than later.

Trick appeared again in a “oh I have information for you!” role again. That’s getting to be irritating. He’s a good character with lots of possibilities. How about the writers use him better and possibly get more into his past as well? Lots of secrets to be seen…

Vex. He was interesting as he always is, though I liked the times when he was played less over the top and more of a scheming villain instead. Yes the kink was an interesting reveal, yes Vex’s motivations and willingness to oppose the Morrigan was interesting and added to the background of the series and the character. What I don’t like is when the actor plays him so very much over the top and almost insanely… He doesn’t strike me as that sort of character and never has…

The Morrigan. I like the actress, hate the role. She is far too much played as a “stereotypical” evil villain with an odd accent and a flamboyant attitude. If she is the leader of the Dark Fae, then she should darn well act like it. She isn’t anything like what a real leader would be, her flippancy in what she says and does is really stupid, and, most of all, I don’t care for how the writers have painted the actress in the role into a corner in how she is played. In truth, she isn’t a real villain in this series, she reminds me of Aife, and honestly why is it that we have to have two almost identical personalities in the series? I am hoping that it is all a show and she is much more devious and evil than she seems to deserve credit for.

Bianca. I’m still not sure about her. Again the problem is that I found it hard to accept her emotions as being real. Now, in the story she was hiding her true emotions from everyone to further her plans, but I’m not sure that really worked for me. When that didn’t happen, when she was trying to control someone or showed a little bit of happiness, that was real I thought… Just bothers me…

The Ash was a means to move the story forward and have some conflict in the episode. And as usual the attitude and actions were not at all interesting to me and I actually paid little attention to him and what he said to Lauren. It was only in the summarizing of this episode that I paid attention to him and the surprise that he revealed. He needs a better “look” than what appears to be simply a male version of the Morrigan.

Jason was at times interesting, but the crazy was a bit too much when it happened. Could have been a lot less “shotgun” and more “artist” I think. I also had a problem with the scene when he returned to the Morrigan. The coldness of it was overwhelming but I suppose that it shows the power she has over him. The Eye was possibly the most interesting of the minor characters and I would like to see him again. I thought that his character and speech was fascinating… Would be something to return to at some point in the future.

The other characters didn’t do anything for me, they just were too cardboardish in nature and that’s a shame really as they could be interesting to see again in the future, but I doubt it very much that they will.

A mix of highs and lows and that makes for an uneven episode and this series can do better than this and has before…

My rating of It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away

Keeping my interest – 3.5 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 1 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 3 Pitchforks

Storyline – 5 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 3 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4.5 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.4 Pitchforks out of 5


I have to say that if I wasn’t reviewing the episode there was a lot of it that I would have skimmed over. I just found the Morrigan scenes made me not want to watch most of all. That’s a problem I think in the character and not the actress as I have said before. The highlights were Kenzi of course and the scenes between Lauren and Bo, but honestly the rest of it was a blur.

Not one single thing in the episode really had anything that I could point at and say, that’s Sucucbus-like. As the series is, after all about one, it would be nice to see some of that again at some point again. As well, I would appreciate it if Bo was less like Buffy and more of her own character as she has been in the past. As well, running around at the whims of those around her is getting old…

I thought that the comparison of the Morrigan’s steel and glass world against that of the artists around her and the effects she had on them was well done. The final scene with Lauren in the pod chamber was really exceptionally well done and I think it was the most realistic looking setting in the series after Lauren’s lab and Bo’s place. I could believe in it and it opened all sorts of questions which is a good thing for the series to do.

The storyline was very good when the Morrigan wasn’t involved. Yes she was central to the plot and yes she was important, but in truth the other plots were more so. There wasn’t as much movement in the plots that the show has running as I would have liked, but at least there  was something done to move the Lauren/Bo and Lauren/Bo/Ash story. That’s promising, but not quite enough I thoughts. Setting that aside, the development of Kenzi, Hale and as well Vex was promising and I thought well received.

The episode gave us several new Fae in this universe which adds to the background and story, a good thing again. It showed us who the Morrigan is and what she does, some of the background of Vex and his kinks, secrets of Lauren never seen before… Lots of good honest development in the series. My one fear is that the next episode has a reset in it and all of that is lost.

I hope it isn’t.

Is this a throwaway? No, it’s not. Is it one of the best episodes? Can’t say that either. Is it a pivotal one? I think so in a lot of ways and the repercussions of it will be felt through the rest of the season I expect in ways that we can’t see right now.

Again, that’s promising.

Next Week: Fae Gone Wild

After an assembly of stripper break an accused cop killer, out of the police station Bo goes undercover to follow the trail of one of the apparent accomplices while Dyson and Hale simultaneously track the murderer.

Before anyone complains about the grammar in that summary, I will point out that it was posted like that on Spoiler TV… and I think they need a editor really badly. Honestly this looks like a filler episode again which is disappointing. We know that Lauren has a girlfriend but of course we can’t deal with that plot line now can we?

It would be far too much to ask now wouldn’t it?

I expect to see something of Bo using her Succubus abilities in this episode, though I am not holding my breath over that. Of course the logical inference over the summary is that Bo will be pretending to be a stripper and while that seems like a great idea, it isn’t in a lot of ways. Not the least of which is that it, in a way, stereotypes Bo and just uses the fact she is a Succubus I think in the wrong way.

Still, it would be interesting to see Bo and Kenzi as a double act in a strip club, but that’s not going to happen is it?

It would be interesting to see something of Bo’s darker side come out however, but I don’t expect that we will see something like that. But I do expect that Bo will look lousy in whatever they are planing to have her wear as one.

Again I have my one concern over the series coming back again. There are too many writers getting in the way of the main story again. I really hope that they do get back to all of the loose threads that have been accumulating for so long…

But I doubt it.




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    • James on November 4, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    It seems to me that, for this series’ producers, “Succubus” means “Buffy who can have sex with anybody and there is a reason for it.”

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    • TeraS on November 18, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    Oh Gawd please no…


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