Oct 27 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 200

And so we arrive at a milestone this week on the Tale… This will be the 200th Succubi Image of the Week and I decided to share something that was drawn for me with you all… Yes it might be a little bit self-serving, but it is one of my favourite works and as such I think it is a good choice for this milestone…

Succubus Picnic by ewgraphics

Succubus Picnic by ewgraphics

This work is called Succubus Picnic, and is by ewgraphics, better known to me as Eryck Webb. This was part of a series of works that I commissioned from him through his DeviantArt page which you can find here, back in 2009.

I have always loved this work, and he did two others for me as well as part of the commission, you can find them here and here if you would like to see them. But this one is my personal favourite for a few reasons…

First is that it is sexy, but the sexy doesn’t overpower the work. The outfit, especially the thigh-high latex-like boots is perfect for a Succubi, and the shine on them makes them ever so much so that… The pose is seductive but allows for her form to be shown off to its best I think. The hair is lovely, messy and so well textured in contrast to her skin tones and clothing that it balances them quite well…

Her tail, or rather, my tail, is sensuous and lovely, the red of it is shaded just right to give it a wonderful  shape and form. Her look of unconcerned waiting I think is a nice reflection of my Succubi-self’s attitude and it ties the entire work together perfectly…

I do want to thank Eryck again for his kindness in taking this commission from me once again and I hope that readers of the Tale will visit his site and see more of the art that he creates!

*huggles and love*




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    I always loved that piccy. Congratulations, Mistress. *200 huggles*

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    You aren’t being self-serving Majesty, you are serving us by allowing us to share it. And I agree: it is the best of the three.

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    Terry O'Brien

    Looks very much like a Vargas pose.

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    Thank you Love…


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    Always will be modest you know…


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    Yes it does Terry and I think that makes it special…


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