Desires 2

If a trap awaits… Is it a trap? Or is it something more? That’s an interesting question when you are dealing with a Succubi…


Desires – Beach Oasis

By MacroLass and Tera S

Part Two


Tera lifted herself onto her elbows as Flexi approached. She casually raised a hand to her sunglasses and moved them down just enough that her green eyes peered over the top of them. She took a long look at Flexi and with a smile replied, “Hello Flexi…. Welcome to my beach… I am Tera…”

Tera’s tail slowly rose into the air behind her as she remained laying on her towel. It shimmered and glinted in the sunlight as it rose into the air. It twisted and moved sinuously in that air for a moment and then the tip almost seemed to be looking at her…

She smiled and then snapped her fingers. A moment later and then the portal vanished into nothingness…


**Wow, it’s hot out here,** the plastic woman thought as the sun beat down on her. **Definitely…hot…**, she added as an aroused afternote as her eyes were drawn to the wellformed ass and its enticing tail.

She blinked and forced her thoughts back to more mundane matters. Ummm, yes…Tera. Hi,” she coughed, waving as she tried to avert her eyes from the sexy succubus…and failed utterly. “Your beach. Nice…beach…”

The disappearance of the portal was a bit more effective in taking her mind off matters erotic. “Excuse me,” she asked, again trying her best to be polite, “but I’ll need that green circle thingie to get back to where I came from. I think.”


Tera smiled and casually said, “Oh…. Don’t worry… I’m sure that we can cum to have it reappear eventually….”

She turned onto her side and looked at Flexi. A sultry smile tugged at her lips for a moment, and then she slowly ran her tongue over her rose coloured lips making them shiny and wet. She said in a soft sultry voice to Flexi, “Aren’t you just soooooo hot in that outfit?


The blonde blinked. Did she really say…nah, she must have misheard it. “Weeelll, okay,” she replied dubiously.

She unconsciously licked her own lips after Tera moistened hers, obviously aroused as her eyes ran over that perfect female form. “Aaa…actually,” she stammered in reply. “The outfit’s part of my body…a piece of me. But I am…feeling…kinda…warm…” She slowly sank to her knees in front of the sunbather.



Oh where ever will the story turn now?

That’s next time…




    • avatar
    • James on October 25, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    It really doesn’t seem to be turning at the moment so much as crashing in like a bullet train with the brake disconnected. If this is young Tera’s version of subtle, I know where Tail gets some of her attitude from.

    Or is it vice versa?

    • avatar
    • TeraS on November 18, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    Was in waaaaaaaaay too much of a hurry then my heart…


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