Is this a Succubus themed shirt or not?

Some of the things I find are Succubus in nature. They have horns or tails or something else about them that just says to me yes, that is a Succubus… And sometimes it’s not quite so clean cut a choice to make…

Like this image on a T-shirt I found recently…

This art is by an artist named Summer Rae, and is the image that you find on a T-shirt that you can find for sale on Cafe Press here. Pardon the imprint on the image, but there is little I can really do about that.

She has the look of a Succubus, the clothing, pose and so on, but she is missing horns and a tail, so that is a bit of a shame. I’m not exactly sure what is behind her, but from the position of it, the likely candidate is a pair of skeleton-like wings.

I like her a lot, I would like her more if she did have horns and a tail too…

I did a little research and found a page on MySpace that belongs to this artist, and she appears to update it regularly, so for those of you that are on MySpace you might want to have a peek there… She also has an artist’s page at Cafe Press but that hasn’t been updated in over a year…

I’m hoping to find more of her works soon, and I am hoping that there are more Succubi as well!



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    • James on October 23, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    I am not sure about her as a succubus t-shirt. If we have a piece of art with more background, more indications of the story that goes with her, indications of her succubish behavior, then wecan see how se is a succubus.

    I think, given the limited parameters of t-shirt art, the horns and tail meed to be there.

    Of course, with Her Majesty is it, any shirt is a succubi shirt . . . and nobody would have any notion of arguing . . .

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    • TeraS on November 18, 2011 at 1:18 pm




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