Oct 19 2011

Naughty but not quite Nice for a Succubus Costume..

I am still somewhat peeved by the reuse of costumes on occasion. To take something that has nothing in it to be connected with Succubi or Devil Girls and try to pass it off as one bothers me.

It’s not right, makes no sense. and really shouldn’t happen.

But I found one that is, sadly, attempting a triple-play I think in the bad idea department…

Fever Naughty But Nice Reversible Devil and Angel CostumeThis is called the Fever Naughty But Nice Reversible Devil and Angel Costume. That’s a mouthful, but continuing on…

The costume comes with the red dress which is, according to the ad copy, reverseable into a white one. The horns also come with it as do a halo, and that’s all that comes in the package.

The pitchfork, fishnets and shoes are not included, nor I have to assume is the gaudy chocker slash necklace she is wearing…

It sells for $50 on various sites on the web…

It’s… well it looks cheap to be honest. The sort of thing that I think would be okay for a casual public party or for handing out treats at the door, but otherwise I can’t see all that much sexy in this…

The front zip of the dress bothers me quite a lot as well. I just think that it adds to the cheapness of the look and it makes me wonder why it isn’t a rear zip-up.

Oh, it doesn’t come with a tail either, which wouldn’t help this look at all either so that’s not that much of a loss really…

I do have to give the model credit for making this look better than it is, the hair style helps in that as does her look and pose, but like they say putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t help its looks much.

I’ll give this a single pitchfork out of five.

Not the worst thing I have found, but it certainly isn’t the best thing by far…

And with some luck, next week’s costume will be one of the best or someone will be pitchforked…

A lot.




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    Why would you want to inflict a drab, tasteless costume on innocent trik-or-treaters, who are at an age where they really need to see things that are worth wearing?

    As for mixing succubi and angels (a reversible costume? like those plastic suits from Sears in the ’70s? REALLY?), I want to see an angel dressed in something sexy and red–carrying a pitchfork, of course.

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    Well it was an evil thought my heart…


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