Oct 11 2011

Temptations 133 – The End.

There isn’t any RP to share this week from Temptations as the RP has come to an end. Partly that is my fault… well actually mostly it is. See, my one fault is that I want to give 100% to whatever I am involved in. I try to do that. So very much so.

Tera, the Queen of the Succubi is, for the most part, me. Well minus horns and a tail of course…

I regret that real life has stopped me from RPing as much as I want to. I regret that some of the stories of Temptations fell by the wayside for my fault or for people leaving the RP for various reasons. That does not mean that I am upset with them or that I have ill feelings towards them.

Quite the contrary.

I want to thank each and every person that allowed me to RP with them. To create facets of the mythos of the Succubi in my universe that still echo to the current day. Without you none of this would have ever happened…

I wrote once that Temptations was not so much the tale of the Queen of the Succubi but that of those that encountered her. I have been honoured to share time with people that mean the world to me and always will…

Next week, I will be starting a new, shorter RP series that was a series of one on one RPing on the Collective that were the earliest beginnings of who Tera, the Succubi Queen would become…

See you then…

And thank you…




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    I met Your Majesty when she was already the Succubi Queen. I have been blessed to get a small glimpse of how much more than that she is.

    I will be pleased to see these stories of becoming . . . and I am ready to RP with Her Majesty whenever she asks.

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    I wish that the energy was in me like it was my heart…


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