Oct 08 2011

Eros the Succubus

This weeks’ YouTube is here mostly because it just made me smile to see a dancing Succubus… Even if she doesn’t quite look like a Succubus but that’s okay…

And if you can’t see it here on the Tale:


This is the work of someone calling themselves  on YouTube, they have quite a number of videos on their page, but this is the only Succubus one that I could find on it.

Eros is described as:

Eros is a succubus, which explains her particular taste in what she wears. Her shirt is actually torn a bit here and there. She loves hanging out in heavily forested areas. The busy city life is probably too much for her, but if she were to be in a small town, she would probably stay there.

She sounds interesting and looks really cute, but she needs a tail and some horns I think…

A dancing tail would have really been something to see…



  1. avatar

    Yes, she is fun . . . and one could imagine some sort of a succubi game involving dancing like this.

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    Now that is a thought isn’t it?


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