Oct 06 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 197

I found a really amazing piece of Succubus art for this week’s image on the Tale. But again, it’s one of those works that has no information on it of who the artist is or if there might be more Succubi works in their portfolio to enjoy…

But in spite of that, I really love this work a bunch…

Succubus by Unknown ArtistI think I might call this work Pondering for the pose that the Succubus strikes in it and the contemplative look on her face. I also like that title for her tail sort of laying around and across the pillow, and the poppies around her which to me mean remembrance.

But getting past the look and why she might be like this, I like the dress she is wearing. It’s sexy but not over the top. It teases and yet doesn’t cross the line into crass or unflattering. That I think is really the best way to show Succubi and so this setting really works for me personally…

The textures in the drawing are amazing. The shadowing and placement of the parts of the image all combine really well together to set the mood and tone of this work. Something that sometimes isn’t found in art of Succubi.

The artist put thought into the focus of the piece but more so the surroundings so that she comes into sharp contrast here, but at the same time there is a certain amount of softness that carries over from the background into the form of the Succubus here…

Lovely, just lovely art…

If anyone has any idea of who the artist is, please leave a comment?



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