Oct 05 2011

Not quite a Sexy Devilish Pleasure Costume…

Sometimes a costume gets a name that’s almost right. Now that’s not to say that it’s exactly the right name, but it does, at the minimum, get the idea of what the designers were thinking of when they came up with their idea…

Like this for example…

Sexy Devilish Pleasure CostumeThis is called the Sexy Devilish Pleasure Costume, which does make sense from its look really…

This costume comes with a sequin and stretch velvet dress with that zippers from the front, a quarter jacket with sleeves, and a pair of horns and a tail.

The stockings and shoes, which really are needed to make this look work, are not included.

It sells for about $60 US.

It’s not honestly that bad I think. While the loose sleeve material and the ragged cut of the helm of the dress I don’t care particularly for, the rest of it I think isn’t that terrible.

Now some of that might be the model they used and how she is posing in the dress, which is very flattering I think to it overall.

While it might not be something that I would wear to one of my parties, as something to wear to the office party or to answer the door..

This wouldn’t be a bad choice really…

I’m going to give this three out of five pitchforks. It gets this for the look, for the many possible ways it can be used and also for the model that the manufacturer used to promote this costume…

But this didn’t make the cut for this year’s costume for me…

Mainly because I think that the sequins make it look a little bit too tacky for me honestly…

But it’s a really good attempt…




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    I kinda like it 😀 😛

  2. avatar

    Not the worst I’ve seen. But then, the cleavage helps. 😉

  3. avatar

    Of course, Her Majesty would make anything look stunning . . . but, if I may say, I have NEVER gotten the point of a quarter jacket.

  4. avatar

    Well it is all a matter of taste you know…


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    Cleavage is important Love…


  6. avatar

    Um… prolly to show off a lil more skin?


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