Oct 01 2011

A YouTube sketching Morrigan Aensland…

Time for another one of the Morrigan Aensland art in progress YouTubes that I find now and again. This one is interesting because it’s not quite how she normally looks and seems to have a bit of a Manga aspect to her form and pose…

And if the embedding doesn’t work:


This is the work of an artist named ElDropper, also known as Esau Figueroa, who, according to their YouTube page, is based in Mexico.

It’s a more action pose for one of the most famous of Succubi there are. I like the pose, it shows off her form nicely, but the finger pointing to her eye confuses me a bit I have to admit.

This was part of an art trade between Esau Figueroa and Edsfox that you can see the completed works on Esau’s blog here. I really think that the coloured versions, both of them, are exceptional and really bring out Morrigan in all of her glory… I won’t post them here, I do have a favourite version however, but those that know me will know the one that I really like…

You can find Esau’s Blog here and Edsfox’s page on DeviantArt here as well. Both are exceptionally talented artists and well worth a look!


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