Succubi Image of the Week 196

This week I am going to have a two for one Succubi special when to comes to the Image of the Week on the Tale…

Now these are somewhat older manips of Succubi, but I think they are rather well done and I do want to share them with you all here on the Tale…

They are the works of an artist named Brian Roth, and are, I think, really lovely Succubi…

Succubus by Brian RothKhara Succubus by Brian Roth

The image on the left is Succubus, and the one on the right is Khara Succubus.

I found them both on Brian’s image manip site which has all sorts of similar works displayed in a wiki he made here. The original pages where I found these works can be found here and here for those that would like to see them as they were first posted by the artist.

You can also click on the images here for larger versions if you would like to see those…

I find it amazing that he did not use Photoshop in creating these works which seem to have been made during 2008, which is I know a long time ago in the internet age, but I still think that the effort and look that he created should be recognized.

Keeping that in mind, that the ability of image manipulation software has progressed in leaps and bounds since the time these works were created, I think they stand up really well when compared to the works that people can make today…

The tails might be a little small, the horns might look a little odd, but overall, these are two of my early favourites of Succubi manips that I have in my collection…

Bravo Brain and thank you!



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  1. avatar

    says on September 29, 2011

    They really are quite nice, Majesty. And an interesting choirc for juxtaposition, as one seems, at first glance, to be dark and dirty, while the other is a bit more cute and perky and Barbie-esque.

  2. avatar

    says on October 4, 2011

    It takes all kinds you know….


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