Sep 28 2011

Devil’s Kiss but not a Succubus Costume…

It seems that costumes based on Medieval themes are becoming popular again… So why take that theme and try to graft a Devil Woman or Succubus costume on that?

It boggles the mind…

Devil's Kiss CostumeThis costume is called the Devil’s Kiss Costume, for reasons that I can’t quite figure out.

The picture here is quite misleading, you have to really read the fine print before you realize that it includes the bustier gown  and Devil Horn Headband, but that’s all.

The  choker and gloves the model is wearing as well as the shoes are not included in the package, which to me is very misleading and should be stated better in the information provided.

This sells for $32 US on several sites, some of which are at least very up front about what comes with the costume unlike some others are.

It also does not have a tail.

I suppose that I should be impressed that the horns have a pattern on them that match the red pattern in the bustier, but honestly the pattern does nothing for me.

I can’t say that I like this. It’s not that sexy, not that seductive, and really not that impressive.

In other words, once again, you can find better than this if you look for it.

Surprisingly however I don’t think that I will give this a zero. It is a bit better than that and I think that for some parties, like others that i have looked at, it would be a decent enough choice…

As long as you aren’t looking to be sexy that is…

One pitchfork out of five, mostly for the “nice” parties that it could be seen at…

But then, there aren’t that many nice ones that I attend on Halloween…



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