Sep 24 2011

As a Succubus, she isn’t that great…

I found a trailer of a movie on YouTube recently. I’ll be honest up front and say that the movie does nothing for me and the Succubus in it, if she really is one, does even less. Still it does seem to have a Succubus in it by the movie’s description at least and so…

The movie is called Lucifer’s Unholy Desire:

And if the movie doesn’t appear here on the Tale:


The plot of the film is described as:

A young woman possessed by a demonic succubus who causes the death and destruction of those around her. An exorcist is then called in to bring an end to the mayhem and save the girl from evil’s clutch.

It sounds like it could be interesting and some of the scenes are that most certainly, but, if you watch the video there is one point in it where they show “the Succubus” possessing her.

It’s disappointing.

I mean, grey skin and wild eyes?

That doesn’t seem sexy or succubus-like to me at least.

Still, this is only a trailer and so I’ll wait for the actual movie to appear and then give it a proper commentary…

I can hope that the Succubus is better than I expected…

Can’t I?




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    It is even worse than that. I don’t know if Her Majesty noticed, but there is a reference in the dialogue to “a succubi” possessing the woman, creating “a succubus.” We all know that no succubi never behaves that way.

    I would hope that, in Her Majesty’s movie section of the Succuwiki, she will be good enough to blatantly say this is NOT a succubi movie.

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    Oh at the least I would think….


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