Sep 22 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 195

This week’s Succubi Image is of an anime Succubus that is blue, cute and sexy which is an interesting combination I think…

Some may know this Succubus, her name is Astaroth, and she is the cuteness I think here…

Astaroth by Unknown Artist

Astaroth by Unknown Artist

I don’t know who the artist is that drew this, I really would like to know as this is just about the cutest rendition of her that I have seen in some time…

I like this for so many reasons… The tail is sexy and cute, her pose is sexy, as well the way she’s looking towards someone and holding up her fingers as if to say “one sec! Be there in a minute!” I think is really perfect with her pose…

The other thing that I like about this work is that even though she is nude, it’s not that obvious when you first look. It’s a bit understated, which is nice, and really a little less overt sexuality I think makes Succubi look a lot more desirable…

If you have an idea who did this art, please leave a comment!



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