Sep 21 2011

You really can’t wing it as a Succubus…

It strikes me that some costume designers get hooked on the concept of a Devil Woman or Succubus costume in that they have a pair of horns and figure that anything added to that will make the costume “Succubus-like”.

This is not one of those, if there ever was such a possibility…

Night Wing Devil CostumeThis is called the Night Wing Devil Costume, which makes some sense even if the entire thing looks just wrong.

It comes with a bodice with buckles in the front and a drop waist. A red and black ruffle tutu and a pair of mesh glovelettes, a devil horn headband and spider web wings.

The boots are not included.

The costume sells for about $60 US.

And it does nothing for me.

The wings don;t make a lot of sense for the costume. The gloves add nothing to it, the tutu is ugly, but most of all…

There is no tail.

Why have a costume like this without a tail? I know that it wouldn’t help the look of this very much, but it is an obvious omission.

Not sure if I should be thankful for that or not really.

It looks as if, I think anyway, that this might be another example of a generic costume having horns attached to it in order to sell it as a Devil Woman costume.

I can understand that, it would be a relatively inexpensive thing for the manufacturer to do, but really does it make the concept any better?

I don’t think it does.

Still, there is some use in this sort of costume for those more tame parties that do happen on Halloween…

Regardless, this gets a quarter pitchfork out of five.

Leaving it on the shelf and moving on…




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    Hi Tera!

    Love the blog and the costume reviews. Saw your entry about the flaming boots and thought about a suggestion on maybe doing reviews on succubi related accessories aswell? Horns, tails, wings, etc.

    Would be pretty cool and interesting.


  2. avatar

    Okay, this doesn’t even work as a generic costume without the horns. And are those plushie horns?

    Oy . . .

  3. avatar


    Should be getting there eventually honey… Just sooooo many bad costumes to trash you know?


  4. avatar

    Mebby it needs to be in a yellow box?


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