Succubi Image of the Week 194

I was sent a work of Succubus art, and it really is one, last year from a reader of the Tale, but they didn’t attach any information on the artist or where they had found the work…

I finally found the artist and so this week, their Succubus art is the Succubus of the Week…

Succubus by Dean Spencer

Succubus by Dean Spencer

This is called Succubus and is by Dean Spencer. I found his website here which has all sorts of fantasy art shown there. All of which are as lovely as this Succubus he created.

Dean is based in the United Kingdom and is a freelance illustrator with what I think is an amazing amount of talent…

There is a lot that I like about this work. The tail is lovely and sinuous, as all good Succubus tails should be. The details in her wings are exceptional, the shape, shadow and form of her body and skin are beautifully done. The tattoo is an interesting addition to her, I think that it adds a lot of personality to her character which is always a good thing. Her horns might be a little bit on the large side for my personal taste, but they do match her look really well however. I’m not so sure about her fangs though. Don’t think a lot about Succubi having fangs, but I suppose that it is a matter of taste isn’t it?

A neat theme to the background, both in the moon and smoke but as well the flames which both serve to frame her in the image, but also they hide her legs and bring to mind the question if she has hooves or not…

I hope that she doesn’t…

Lovely sexy example of a Succubus!




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    • James on September 15, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    I also notice the eyes, which are yellow and seem a bit feline. It makes me think of a succubus who is somehow in pain, whether ill or totured by some spell or something, I don’t know. It makes me think of a story where a succubi comes upon her and heals her, perhaps.

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    • TeraS on October 4, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    Another story that floats in the ether my heart…


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