Sep 14 2011

It’s flirty, but not a Succubus costume…

I do wonder at times what exactly are the definitions that costume makers use when describing or naming their concepts. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of words that are used over and over again…

Like Flirty…

Like this costume…

Fire Flirty Devil CostumeThis is called the Fire Flirty Devil Costume, which is a bit of a mouthful I admit, but that is what it is called.

It comes with the horns, the dress with an attached tail and the glovettes in the picture here, but does not include the stockings or shoes. Neither of which really helps this costume at all to be honest.

It sells for $48 US in several places on the internet, which seems to be about right based on the other costumes I have found.

Honestly this just looks wrong in so many ways. The flame collar is far too gaudy, the glovettes are pretty much useless with the costume, and the dress itself just looks so poorly put together that I couldn’t see myself wearing it.

The tail is disappointing as well that is attached to the dress. It looks cheap and really a black tipped red tail?

That’s just wrong in so many ways, never mind that the red is more accents in this than anything else…

The horns look in the picture to be interesting, but I have the feeling that if the costume itself is as bad as I think it is, the horns aren’t going to be any great thing either…

One quarter pitchfork out of five.

Just nothing that I would consider wearing, but again, the horns might be interesting…





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    Again, not a succubus costume . . . certainly not a succubi costume.

    If, as it appears, the ends of the tail and the horns have been charred, given the particular sensitivity of those in the succubi mythos, can you imagine how painful that would be? Yuck!

    And, is it justr me, or do those flames on the dress look more like lobster claws? Perhaps a better neame for the costume is “Lobster Queen from Hell.” 😀

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    Wow where do you find these… interesting …costumes terra ? Lol

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    *can’t stop giggling*


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