Storm Clouds 137 – An ongoing Succubi Story

This is the continuing story of the Succubi called Storm Clouds…

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We’re starting Chapter 21 this week. Sort of an interlude with the Dark and its nemesis…


Storm Clouds 137

Chapter 21

By TeraS


The thing about the Dark was that it was too confident. It thought that it had all of the answers and that no one could oppose it.

That was almost true.

She could. And did regularly.

It had become almost an obsession for her now. There were so few that did challenge the Dark when it appeared and so if fell to her to do so. It wasn’t a chore or an imposition to do that, it had to be done and she had seen enough of the Dark and what it was capable of to know that the best thing to do was what she did.

Drive it mad with anger and make it stop thinking.

Losing the one portal did that and then letting it stew in its anger had made it get involved intimately with mortals and their world. She wondered if it would actually learn something or not this time from the experience.

Making the portal vanish was child’s play for a being like her. If the Dark ever figured out just how powerful she was it might actually pause to think about what plans it had against Tera and her kind. Possibly.

The thought did make her smile as the portal showing the severed tail reappeared there with all of the Dark’s other ones. She stood there for a time tapping a single pink fingernail against the surface and trying to decide what would be the most unpleasant thing for her to do.

She could destroy this portal, the thought had been there before, but she had her own plans and this one portal needed to remain. at least for the moment in spite of what it showed.

The tapping stopped as she placed that hand against the surface and whispered to the awful image that it showed, “It will not be long. Promise.”

And unlike some beings, she kept her promises.

She turned away, coming to the decision that for once, just this once, she was going to make the Dark know what it was to lose something valuable.

What followed was the sound of fingernails raking across portal after portal their surfaces turning white against the darkness throwing light into a place which despised it. She didn’t ruin every single one of them, but when she was done she had left him but three portals.

She thought that she might be able to hear the scream of anger from it from three universes away when it returned to see what she had done here, and that make her smile slightly in that knowledge.

She glanced once more at the portals that remained, satisfied that it would be a problem for it, that it would have to spend effort and time on repairing the damage if it could, and that, thankfully, might give the others needed time to figure out what was happening and where.

As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t actually get involved in the battle or make choices for those involved. It was, after all, necessary that all beings make their own choices no matter how wrong or ill advised they might well be.

Still, she has one thing that the Dark didn’t have. Trust. Trust in others, trust in they would make good choices, but most of all, trust in that one person that saved her life so long ago and in doing so changed her own universe for the better.

And for that, she would always owe them for that gift.

She passed into the ether, on her way to where she needed to be. If the Dark could get involved with mortals, she could as well… to a point. But first she needed to talk to someone and get them to understand that some paths were not worth following.

Following the path of one that owed the Succubi and Tera in particular her life, that was the most foolish thing that it had ever done.

Or soon it would learn.



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    • James on September 12, 2011 at 10:15 am

    This is a very interesting little bit, causing me to speculate on just who She is. I won’t do that here, as I am anxious to see who her Majesty has in mind.

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    • TeraS on October 4, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    Ah but you know who she is my heart….


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