Sep 10 2011

The video says it’s about a Succubus, but otherwise?

I found a short film on YouTube that is described as being about, according to the description, a lonely and troubled virgin will go to any lengths to get laid. Including summoning a lady demon from the depths of hell.

Honestly I expected a bit more from it than it is, but…

And if you can’t see it here, link on the link:


It is the creation of someone on YouTube calling themselves , click on their name to see their YouTube page. Now while I did say I was expecting more from it, I do have to congratulate the people involved for what they managed with “little time and equipment.”

Have a look and see what you think of the film, I have to say that there were some moments that I couldn’t help but laugh in it, the moment where the condom appears is rather… odd and at the same time funny I thought…





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    I find it very telling that this is a short film about a succubus with no women in it.

    This may explain why, in a film about a man who summons a succubus and doesn’t know what to do with her once she arrives, it is obvious that the filmmakers also don’t know what to do with her once she arrives.

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    That’s always a problem isn’t it?


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