Temptations 127

When someone, or something, makes you make a choice, do you?


Temptations 127

By TeraS and makuta15

Eric nodded as he listened. Tessa was certainly promoting a lovely sentiment; if only things were as easy to change as they were to say…

When she fell silent, Eric stretched his neck around and looked around the room they had found themselves in. Most of the details fell away into darkness to his eyes, long since accustomed to the firelight. It was nice staying here with Tessa, but her words had struck something in him. He had come here to explore this house and its legends. If he actually spent the night chatting with a fellow squatter in the foyer, how much could he really say he had accomplished? He began to rise to his feet and opened his mouth to ask if she would like to come along, when her question broke the silence. Slowly, he sat back down.

“If I could change anything? Oh, that’s easy,” he began, but the rest was cut off by the rest of Tessa’s words.

“Oh. Ok, I suppose it’s not so easy…” he murmured. He shivered when she mentioned the business with souls, though. It was a strong reminder of where he actually was. If she had been trying to make a joke with that, well it struck him as in slightly bad taste. And, what if – what if – she hadn’t been joking at all…?

No, that’s preposterous. There’s no way that…she’s just joking. Come on. Right?

He realized he was sweating, slightly. Fear? The words came off his tongue slowly, as if he was dragging them out of somewhere. “If I could change one thing in my life… one thing that I could actually do…I want to spice up my life, you know? Add some passion to it. I want to be able to just do things, live in the heat of the moment for a change. I don’t want to hold myself back from life…”

He trailed off again. Oh, God, did I really just say all that? Suppressing the urge to swallow, he stood up again, uncertain whether to stay or just to leave now, to go up the stairs in the hall and leave this moment behind.



Tessa allowed him to see a bemused smile, “The heat of the moment? Okay…”

She slipped off her jacket and sweater leaving a blue t-shirt on that she was wearing underneath that, Then she walked over to him, stopping just short of touching him. Then she asked, “You are here with me. Right now. You could do anything you wanted. I could do anything I wanted…”

She seemed to think a moment, “But then that’s your problem right? You can’t take the chance that should something happen you couldn’t deal. You get frozen in the moment and just think about all of the bad stuff that might happen even though you might be wrong about it.”

A small smirk appeared, “I’ll bet you don’t have the balls to kiss me right now. Because you are so afraid of either doing it wrong or messing up that you can’t. If you want to change, start here and now. Take a damn chance and kiss me or run away and hide.”

Crossing her arms, she stood just to his right, easily within kissing range if he took the chance. Resting her head on her left hand she asked, “Make a change or don’t. It’s your move Eric. Do somethin…”


What will he do then?





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    • James on August 30, 2011 at 10:27 am

    I am not sure what he will do, Majesty, but I am sure that it will be interesting.

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    • TeraS on October 4, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    It always is my heart….


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