Aug 27 2011

A lovely YouTube speedpainting of a Succubus…

A little while ago, I discovered a really lovely YouTube that showed an artist drawing a Succubus. With that artist’s permission, I am going to share that video and a bit more than that today on the Tale…

And if you can’t see it here, this link will take you there:


The artist goes by the name Oh! That! Demoness!, as well as ohthatdemoness6 onYouTube and as well DeviantArt.

And here is a still from their YouTube of the finished artwork…

Succubus by Ohthatdemoness

Succubus by Ohthatdemoness

You can find this work on their DeviantArt site here as well if you would like to see it larger there…

I think that the combination of green wings and tail with the red of her outfit is an excellent combination. She has a interesting, playful expression which I like and her tail is being mischievous as all Succubi tails are. It’s hard to say if she has horns or not from her pose here, but I would assume that her horns were green as well…

I would love to see her in another pose that shows off her body and form a little better. The question of her horns and what exactly that outfit she is wearing looks like does make me ponder a good deal over her…

Please do visit their pages on DeviantArt and on YouTube for more of this lovely art!

And again so many thank you’s for allowing me to share this work on the Tale!




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    She does look rather playful in a somewhat sexual way. as if she is trying to distract someone from what she or he is doing in favor of something else entirely. I wonder who . . .

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    Cuteness does count…


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