Aug 21 2011

A Succubus Golf Ball?

Golf is an odd game to me. I never have really understood it, though a certain Incubi brother of mine seems to enjoy the hell out of it…

Perhaps I should consider buying him these golf balls to improve his game?

Succubus GolfballsI recognize the manufacturer as being a rather large company in the golfing world, but really couldn’t they, or whoever did the graphics of the Succubus, do a better job?

If that’s a Succubus, that’s about the ugliest one that I have ever seen. Honestly I think that it looks more like a bug than a Succubus…

Perhaps that’s on purpose?

Either way, not really impressed by this. Especially when you consider that they charge $18 US for one of these. I know that the box in the picture says 12, but the actual purchasing page sets out that you are ordering them individually.

Seems like a lot for what little you get really…

I have a feeling that my brother could find something a lot better than this…




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    I think it is truly a kind of imp meant to confound the efforts of the golfer. And the Americans are foolish enough to pay $18.00 a ball for the privilege!

    It might require a succubi or incubi to break the creature’s spell. Yet no incubi or succubi would be foolish enough to waste that kind of money.

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    I would probably lose them in the 1st water hazard I came across… but I may order a box just to have a lucky charm to carry in my golf bag.


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    FOOORRREEEE….play. 😉

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    Yay!! We have an incubi who will destroy the spell and drown the imp!!

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