Aug 20 2011

Two odd Succubus YouTubes…

So I found a series of videos on YouTube posted by someone calling themselves SilverDragonLady100, you can click on their name to see more of their videos. The two videos that I found have some, at least from the titles of them, connection to Succubi in some way…

If you can’t see it:


And the other, more interesting one to me at least is:

And again, if you can’t see it here:


Now the first one has images from the remake of Alice in Wonderland, so to me it’s not really that much connected to Succubi… And the white skin doesn’t work for me either.

I think there is some confusion in myths again…

The other one sets an interesting premise, and I wonder what’s coming from this person on YouTube…

Could it be a book of some kind?

We’ll see…

Still, I think that the imagery in the second video is more Succubus-like than the first one is. I admit that the last image in it seems…. vampire-like, at least her teeth seem to be that way. Other than that, there is some nice Succubus themes in it and as I said, I do wonder what’s coming from this person…




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    Not only are the albino features a bit of a problem, but the whole nibbling on fingers bit in video #1 is decidedly unsuccubish.

    As for video #2, I am not very hopeful, as the creator seems to have some serious issues with young women that is quite unsuccubish.

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    I’m with James on both counts. The “finger food” was disturbing to say the least. And the second video smacked of misogyny. Two thumbs way down on these “Succubus” vids. *huggles my true Succubi*

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    Bit not there at the least…


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