Aug 18 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 190

For this week’s Succubus image, I am going to share an image that while it isn’t actually noted as being a Succubus, I think it really does look very much like one…

Flame by ZellaRoss

Flame by ZellaRoss

This is called Flame and is by an artist on DeviantArt named ZellaRose. You can find the page there with this artwork here and the artist’s main page here as well.

This work is described by them as being a pixel artwork, like that in videogames, and there is another image they created of her opposite, called Aqua, that you can find here on DeviantArt to see the differences in the two characters…

I like this character a lot. The outfit she is wearing is very sexy and Sucucbus-like, she has a cute set of horns, and her hair is really interesting in its shape and form.

She might be a little too “red” but considering her name, and her opposite number, that just has to be that way doesn’t it?

Oh, one other thing to share, the artist also posted a “Before and After” image of these characters here, comparing what they did in 2009 and how they have improved in their pixel art skills since!

Please do visit ZellaRose on DeviantArt and see the other lovely art they have shared there!



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