Aug 13 2011

Another 3D Succubus Youtube…

I shared a 3D animation of a Succubus I found on YouTube a little while ago and I found another one. It’s missing a few needed things I think, but nonetheless…

And if you can’t see it:


She’s missing a tail and horns of course… Mind you I have been finding that almost every model of a Succubus I have found of late is missing those things…

I wonder why that is?

She’s a bit… well… almost beat up looking to me with that eyepatch and all, though as an idea for a story it’s interesting…

Might make something of that sometime…




  1. avatar

    I suspect the gray-ish hair contributes to that beat-up look, Majesty.

    Now I am left with two alternatives. Is she really a succubus, or does she just happen to be a winged girl? Or, alternatively, is there some disease causing some succubi to lose their horns and tails, like that which caused the Klingons to lose their ridges (i.e., cheap special effects)?

    Just wondering . . .

  2. avatar

    The mind boggles…


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