Aug 12 2011

A rather unique Succubus Cosplay…

I was looking around Cosplay.com again and found an interesting idea for a cosplay of a Succubus that was, according to the cosplayer, inspired by the Succubus from Castlevania, but I think her version is much more interesting…

Succubus Cosplay by Arrietty

Succubus Cosplay by Arrietty

The cosplayer is named Arrietty, and you can find their page on Cosplay.com here and the page with more images of this particular work of hers here as well

I like the wings she created, a nice soft look to them and they match her outfit really well. The markings, which are supposed to be tattoos, also look right for her as well. The red wig is a nice counterpoint to her look as well and I like how it frames her face really well…

She doesn’t have horns or a tail, but then the inspiration of this doesn’t have them either. Still, I do wonder if adding at least a pair of purple horns in her red hair wouldn’t have been striking as well…

Lovely work!



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