Aug 05 2011

A cute pair of Succubus stickers…

I discovered a pair of cute Succubi stickers this week on the web, but they vanished soon after from the site I found them on I regret…

So, just to mark their existence, I’m going to share them today on the Tale…

Cute Succubi by Scrojo

As far as I can make out the signature on these works, the artist is named Scrojo, and I believe that you can find more of their work here at their website if you are interested in seeing more of it…

The first image on the left here is more of a fallen Angel thing, though she does have horns and a pitchfork. The second one is more of a Devil Girl/Succubus work. I’m not so sure about the tail and horns being the same colour as her skin, though I really like the flesh tones she has rather than the usual red skin that you usually see…

Of the pair, I think that the Succubus-like one is the better of the two. She’s cute, sexy and has that little bit of playfulness that I really do like…

Hoping for more from this artist and please do visit their site!




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    They are both very cute. The wings on the first remind me of what Her Majesty’s own wings are said to be like.

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    They do in a way…


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