Aug 04 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 188

I discovered a really amazing piece of art recently and with it a story that is, while not Succubus in nature and a bit more… violent than what I personally like…

It is indicative of an artist with a wide and varied imagination and the talent to make those ideas come to life…

Fire Nymph by James Wolf

Fire Nymph by James Wolf

This work is called Fire Nymph, and is by an artist named James Wolf. You can find their artist’s page on DeviantArt here, their Blog here and the page on DeviantArt that I found this originally shown on here.

Now while she looks very Succubus-like, her horns and tail do reflect that to me so very much. the background story of these beings is, I admit, not really to my personal taste…

As James wrote:

The Fire Nymph

Born of the mating of a human female and a fire Spirit, Once conceived the mother unwillingly carries the fire in her belly until one dreadful day when the burning from within is to great and the mother is incinerated in a burst of flames leaving nothing but ashes surrounding the newly born fire nymph. although their existence is short the Fire Nymph lives its life with great passion and vigor, indulging in all the splendors of the world until its life fizzles out as dramatically as it entered.

It is, really, a rather sad life for this creature isn’t it?

But setting that story aside, and thinking of her as a Succubus instead, I think that she would make a really good one. She has the looks, the horns and tail, and just seems to have the attitude that a Succubus should have really…

This is one of the best representations of a Succubus that I have seen in quite some time and I thank James for sharing this work with us all…

Please visit his sites and do enjoy all of his wonderful art!



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