Jul 30 2011

Not quite a Succubus dance on YouTube…

I found another one of those 3D animations of a Succubus to share on YouTube, while the 3D is really very good the dancing I’m not excited about really…

If you can’t see it, click the link below:


And one screenshot from the dance showing the Succubus herself…


Succubus Charm Dance by Baileydonald

Succubus Charm Dance by Baileydonald

This is the work of someone calling themselves Baileydonald on YouTube, and, as I have said, I think the 3D is really very good, her dancing I think needs a little bit of work.

She’s also missing a tail, really needs one, and I don’t really see any horns on her either. I would have liked to have seen her wings fold or move a little bit, they are, well, a bit stiff aren’t they?

A nice first attempt, hoping for something better…




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    Are we sure that she is actually a succubus, and not just some woman whose hang glider got welded to her shoulder blades somehow?

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    *falls over laughing*


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