Jul 21 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 186

This week’s Succubus is more of a mural I think than a piece of art or a drawing really… I say that because while the Succubus in it is lovely and interesting, the world she is shown in seems muh more so really to me…

Blonde Succubus by Alton Lawson

Blonde Succubus by Alton Lawson

This art is called Blonde Succubus, and is by Alton Lawson. I found it originally here and there is also a gallery page of his work on that site here for those that are interested to see more of what he has created.

I can’t however find an actual website for him however, but if anyone should discover one, please post a comment here so I can add it?

I think that the Succubus here is sexy and has that look about her that says “I’m dangerous” which is a good thing really. She has really nice wings and tail, but no horns though they might be hidden in her hair somehow.

The thing that I find fascinating is the background of the work. It’s really thought provoking to me in that I wonder if she is going towards her home, or is leading the viewer on to their “doom” as it were…

Interesting thoughts as always…



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