Temptations 121

When a door is there before you, open it. You might be shocked or not, but in the end your curiosity will be sated won’t it?


Temptations 121

By TeraS and James

She blushed at his words, but of course she would do that. Calling her Dear One was comforting to her… To know that there was one heart that could allow for someone like her within it…

And the words that came next, were, exactly the right ones, “My heart, my dearest heart, one needs the words of another that cares to speak what is real than the words that do not ring true… But then, you have the eyes and the heart and soul to see… Whatever else can there be but that?”

When he reached up to caress her horns, she did not pull away from him. She did not startle at his touch there, though some would say it was bold of him to do so. She had no fear within her of what he might do, no worry of there being harm from the gesture… No, there was nothing for her to fear from one that was her heart after all…

She nibbled her lip a moment and then replied to his statement about those things that marked her as what she was, “Some signs are directions to be followed, to warn, to give a path to be followed… For which there are not always the right reasons for doing so. But I do not place blame or credit upon that which had me have these things that mark me, at least to some, as one that should not been seen, spoken to, or, as they say, forbidden to have the love of another…”

A slight shake of her head, “But there is love if you know where to see it… The question is, always, that the one that looks does see and the seer believes in what is and not what simply appears…”

She allowed smile, “The trick was played long ago my heart… Trying not to dwell on the trick, but see the truth for what it is…”

She patted his hand as her dog poked a paw at them both, “The luck is not yours alone my heart for that much I can be grateful for…”

She gave the dog a nod in the direction of the lake and then said, “Shall we see what awaits just over the rise my heart?”


He took her left hand in his right, intertwining their fingers: “Yes, I am hoping to see what there is to see, Dear One . . . and I am most anxious to see it through your eyes.”

As they followed the path over the crest of the hill, he couldn’t help but notice the late-afternoon sun dancing in her raven curls.  There was a crisp hint of autumn in the air, and hints of color in the trees.  Yet, while the scene provided by nature, complete with the mirror-blue lake below, was inspiring in and of itself, it all seemed to pale in comparison with this formidable, astonishing, gorgeous woman.  He was catching a whiff of cherries in the air, and was just feeling warmer and warmer. She had begun to tell him about how she played here as a child, but now she seemed to be humming the most beguiling tune.

Was that the tip of her tail, running up and down his back, and over his ass, and along the inside of his thigh?  It felt so incredibly good . . . it could be so wonderfully right, to just give himself over to her . . . They were near the cottage now, and it looked to be warm and inviting inside, and he could just follow her . . . just be open to her . . . just let her and respond to her . . .

It would be amazing, and he had the sense she would not be disappointed in him . . .

But, deep in his own core, he knew there was something she needed from him more than this.  He knew that, if he gave himself comepletely over to her, he would be shortchanging her.

There was something selse she needed . . . Could it be that she was afraid of it?

She was opening the door and inviting him in.  It would be so easy to fall into her eyes . . . so right . . .

. . . and so wrong . . .

He released her hand and quickly, but gently, swept her tail away from its target.

“No, Dear One.”

Then he took both her hands in both of his, leaned in, and kissed her on the cheek.  Then he stepped back and looked her in the eyes.  “I do see love here, and it goes so far beyond the path that . . . well, I have to admit, would be breathtaking and soul-changing to follow you down.

“I do see love here, and I already love you with everything in me.  I love you enough to sense that something is hurting you a bit, and you are using your . . . considerable . . . gifts to divert me, and you could, no doubt, succeed very shortly.  But that would do you a disservice.

“I yearn to give myself to you, to help you face that pain, if you will let me, to give you my ears and eyes and heart and soul, if you will use them.  I promise you that I would die rather than betray you in even the smallest way, and I will give you all my strength, my very life, to face whatever you need to face.”

He squeezed her hands and looked even deeper into her amazing eyes, standing resolute, if just barely.  He knew he was completely open to her . . . and he knew that she must know the same.  She could consume him, make him forget such resolution forever, or she could banish him, and probably crush his spirit. Or . . .

. . . Or . . .

“What will it be, my Dear One?”



As always my heart, whatever will be will be… The future is not ours to see…

But we will see someday…





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    • James on July 19, 2011 at 11:28 am

    We will, indeed, see all things someday . . . and we will have many somedays together, I am sure.

    *Huggles from your heart*

    • avatar
    • TeraS on July 20, 2011 at 8:37 am

    *snugs for my heart*


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