Jul 16 2011

Not quite what Georgina the Succubus should be I think…

One of the most popular series about Succubi are the works by Richelle Mead about the Succubus known as Georgina Kincaid. Now I like the series, hating that the last book of the series will be appearing next month, but the question always pops up with fans of it about one thing…

If it ever becomes a film, who plays Georgina?

Someone on YouTube has an idea about that…

If you can’t see the video, click on the link:


I can’t personally see this actress being Georgina. Her style seems wrong in a lot of ways really here. Now I know that the images are from a film she was in, but, I just see Georgina being somewhat more stylish in nature.

What I mean by that is she doesn’t need to be a wild child because in the stories she isn’t that. I think that a slightly more mature actress would be a good choice when I think about it.

Question is, who could play her?

I’ve been pondering that a while now and to be honest I can’t think of one of the “younger” popular actresses that could do the role justice.

I’ll have to keep looking…



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